March Madness is well underway here at Inc., and the 16 Coolest College Startups of 2017 are now the Elite 8.

Over the past week, thousands of voters weighed in on their top pick for Inc.'s Coolest College Startup of 2017. In Round 1, each of the eight matchups garnered thousands of votes, with several pairings winning by an inch.

Here are the results of Round 1: In a pairing of two Philadelphia-based startups, Drexel University's Boost Linguistics, a tool for marketers, bested Wharton's Twine, an internal hiring analytics tool. Boost garnered 72 percent of a total 3,038 votes. Fair Harbor, a clothing startup out of Colgate University, won the matchup against the University of Minnesota's athletic accessories maker Asiya with 58 percent of 5,513 votes. TV mounting tool provider HUK TV, out of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, won 51 percent of 2,073 votes against Mira, a smartphone-powered augmented reality eyeglasses out of USC's Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy. Colgate University's Trippie, an airport search app, won the match against Kwest, an interactive gaming app from students at the University of Texas at Dallas. Trippie captured 56 percent of 2,312 votes.

University of Iowa's SwineTech, a lifesaving tool for pigs, won against Florida Atlantic University's Bacon Boxes with 51 percent of 1,906 votes. From Iowa State University KinoSol, the maker of a tool for dehydrating food, bested RoBotany, an indoor farming company, with 58 percent of 3,019 votes. Carnegie Mellon's 101, the maker of a tool for improving STEM in the classrooms, won 54 percent of 1,818 votes against University of Michigan's  Find Your Ditto, a platform for connecting those with chronic illnesses. Finally, USC's Drone MVP, a service for connecting drone users with pilots, won 66 percent of 1,416 votes against Georgetown University's Microcoaching, a video-game coaching service.

The next round, which begins today and ends on Friday (March, 24) at 7 p.m. EST, will match Boost Linguistics against Fair Harbor, HUK TV against Trippie, SwineTech against KinoSol, and 101 against Drone MVP. May the best startups win.