Israel is known worldwide as the Startup Nation. Featuring many "silicon wadis," Israel is a leading incubator for the hottest and most innovative technological advancements. Though a tiny country, its innovations make waves round the world.

So what happens when Israeli companies relocate and bring with them all of their ideas and brainchilds? Well, we can see that in New York and the Bay Area specifically, it's paying off, and it's paying off big.


We live on our mobile devices and are connected to them 24/7. But honestly, there are times that the phone just doesn't cut it, especially in terms of battery usage and screen size.

Founded by Yossi Fishler, Sean Murphy and Eyal Fishler in 2014, Andy OS is a leading Android Emulator that is based out of the Bay Area. Focusing on allowing users to have variety in their mobile experience, Andy is a unique operating system that mirrors Android devices.

Allowing users to access their mobile apps on their tablets and computers, this software is popular amongst the gaming community and backs up on the cloud. They even offer an app that lets you use your phone as a remote control.


Job searching is anything but easy. Even using a recruiter doesn't simplify the process, and you're left feeling hopeless. Don't lose hope - when it comes to the job search, turn to Woo.

Liran Kotzer and Ami Dudu are the sabras behind Woo, a service based out of San Francisco that helps you search for the perfect job. Allowing you to compare specs of the jobs in your field, scout the tech industry and even browse/compare jobs anonymously. With the help of Woo, you can create a wishlist of the location, job title and salary that you're searching for.

Let Woo do the work for you so that you can do the work that you want to be doing.


Big Data is a huge rising trend in the tech industry - and it's called "Big Data" for a reason. The amount of data being processed and consumed is massive and must be analyzed accordingly.

Established in 2014 by Shay Lang, Ira Cohen and David Drai, Anodot is a Big Data analytics platform that analyzes your data in real time and detects anomalies in the data, thus giving you in depth and immediate insight into your business.

They even have their very own algorithm that helps you make the best decisions at the earliest moment possible based on your data.


When it comes to planning big events and occasions, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Sure, there is always a risk of unplanned hiccups but you want the special occasion to be as flawless as you can swing. But it's also important to avoid hiccups when dealing with the planners, venues, etc...

In 2013, Oz Alon, Shadiah Sigala and Naama Alon formed HoneyBook after planning their own respective weddings. Their vision is to provide the tools and organization that you need to make sure that things continue sailing smoothly after your special event. Manage receipts, save relevant documents and even pay your bills through HoneyBook.


You can take the Israeli out of the startup nation, but you can't take the startup spirit out of the Israeli. While the silicon wadis in Israel are breeding success, the Israeli expats are bringing it abroad with them to the Bay Area.

Whether you're looking for tech, analytics, help with your job search and even organizational assistance, Israelis abroad have you covered. A little bit of chutzpah, a lot of talent and a drive for success, these Israeli startups are heading for the top.