I've been doing my best to keep up with the biggest online marketing fads and trends in the past years. Not always been easy; the infinite battle for every reader's precious second can be brutal and bloodier than Game of Throne's Red Wedding. In the past couple of years we've seen everything happen. Plain text was taken over by Infographics. Infographics were taken over by videos. Videos were taken over by... Well, still waiting to see what comes next. Maybe 3D Videos that pop out of your screen?

My rule of thumb is that conversion-wise, landing pages are by far the most precious asset in a company's websiteand many businesses have realized the power of integrating rich media onto their landing page. Recent findings say that almost half of the clicks for B2B companies are directed to the business' homepage, which functions as their primary landing page (Via HubSpot). Your website's landing page needs to keep visitors engaged so they don't leave your site, and rich media can help you create a page that stands out. How can visual contenthelp you create a perfect page?

Visual Content Increases Message Association

People absorb information differently--some enjoy reading text while others are visual and engage more with photos or videos. You don't want to exclude any of your viewers, so integrating important messages through a combination of text, moving images, videos, or even static photos not only attracts visitor's attention but also better conveys your message because you have more chance of reaching everyone. As of date, I think most companies use slideshows and presentations as a perfect blend for this. eMaze is embeddable in landing pages just like YouTube videos, which gives them a nice priority for this manner.

Another example of a website doing this successfully is PayPal, who adopted videos with text on their landing page. The result is a clean, crisp, engaging landing page that also succinctly expresses their message.

Visual Content Increases Brand Awareness

Great landing pages stick in the minds of viewers. Landing pages that are average simply blend in with the rest. Creating a landing page with rich media can not only cement your brand logo, color scheme, and message in the viewer's mind, but it also can make it easier to recall and associate with your brand later. Additionally, rich media allows for more flexibility with how you convey your brand. Rather than just a logo and static website, you can express more with photos and moving imagery to create a lasting and comprehensive brand message.

Visual Content Increases Engagement

There's no doubt that moving imagery attracts a viewer more than static text. However, besides engaging in that moment, rich landing pages can be used to increase engagement at different points in time. While the Google logo is one of the most recognizable online logos in the world, even Google switches up their logo with rich media sometimes to increase engagement with visitors.

Additionally, when visual objectskeeps visitors on your landing page--even for a few milliseconds longer than they would normally stay--it increases the chance of click-through rates to other sections of your site which can result in better engagement with your company and social media pages.

Another example you can't avoid is the effect of a nice video on platforms such as KickStarter or Indiegogo. Actually, I only know of 3 factors that determine the product's success in the crowdfunding platforms: the copywriting of the campaign page, the social community around the product--and the Video demonstrating the product in a fun way.

Sensibo, a product for making your AC act smarter, has passed and doubled its IndieGoGo goal--I would give a few points to the cool Video that Tross media produced for them.

Visual Content Enhances Overall Design

If done correctly, rich contentcan enhance the overall design of your landing page. Rather than long blocks of texts, visualmedia allows you to communicate much more while giving you the ability to utilize negative space. This way, viewers eyes can rest and be attracted to the areas where you want to direct their focus.

Visual Content is a powerful tool for your site's landing page. First impressions matter, especially on the web. Be memorable and stand out with a unique and rich page that integrates multiple types of media for the best effect.

Do you have any other tips or thoughts on integrating rich media in landing pages? Let meknow--I would love to hear your ideas.