Despite the convenience of ecommerce, the industry is not exactly renowned for its excitement.

More or less, ecommerce generally serves as a means to an end: your customers need a product, they search for it online, and purchase it because its the least expensive or most viable option. If a competing site has better products, better presentation, or is more convenient and interactive, they will win the customer's love again and again.

But ecommerce has the potential to be so much more. With today's technology, we can infuse personality into the online shopping experience.


It's no secret that the thrill that often comes with shopping is somewhat absent in the online variation.

Though it’s a great feeling to find products quickly and at the best value on the internet, there's no way to examine quality, functionality, and attractiveness as you can in person. For many shopaholics, not only does it take away the fun, but it also removes an essential part of a shopper's experience.

Webyclip brings personality and interaction back to online shopping by embedding engaging product videos at strategic points throughout the user journey. Webyclip's algorithm is able to identify and capture the most useful and captivating videos for each product and show them to customers at optimum stages of interest.

While obviously the tool can't let the consumer see and feel the product themselves, they do get the next best thing (or perhaps even better) since they can easily find practical information about the product in question in a manner that is fun, interactive, and personal.


Let’s face it–often times, the reason your customers love a particular store is because of what it represents and the type of people they attract. Stores such as Bloomingdales and Walmart have spent years building their communities by trying to attract specific, like-minded types of shoppers.

Shopping is social by nature. Therefore, people crave that interaction and support when buying products.

Spot.IM gives online shoppers the community they are missing. Their new comments platform gives people the opportunity to ask questions to one another about products they are buying, their purchase experience, and more.

This way, users are able to create their own conversations around their purchases in real time, as they would if they were shopping with a friend. Not only does it help to build engagement, but it also gives your brand a loyal group of followers for years to come.


"You wouldn’t buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you" Gretechen Weiners famously proclaims in the film Mean Girls. Though this quote may not ring true for everyone, it is still relatable to many of your customers as they may also need to get validation from friends prior to making a major purchase.

This reassurance helps them verify they are making a good decision and help them to feel their buy is justified.

Since friends are not always around when you browse online, this aspect is often missing from the ecommerse experience. That's where Loopit comes in. Loopit is an awesome product page tool which allows users to ask their friends their opinions on a product before they make a purchase.

This way, they can get a reliable opinion on a product from someone they trust, allowing them to ultimately feel more confident about going through with a purchase.


As we know, people choose to make purchases on ecommerce sites because it's fast and easy. So set yourself apart by making the process even faster and easier than the competition with Unbxd.

When a site is intuitive and makes accurate suggestions on products the customer will be interested in, people can find what they want fast–and often times even make other purchases they want, but haven't yet thought of.

Unbxd uses a special algorithm to determine the products your customers need most. Their search mechanism automatically brings up categories and products they are more likely to purchase according to brand, price, popularity and more.

The tool also makes suggestions of "products they may love" so your users can identify other relevant products that may interested in. This way, your users win because they feel your site is fulfilling their personal needs, and you win with increased purchases per customer.


Each of your users come with their own unique needs. Therefore, adjusting your offerings to match them can yield significant rewards. Barilliance is able to derive important data about your customers such as where they are from, what searches they have made, how they came to your site and more.

The tool then configures itself to show pertinent offerings, sales, deals, and more to engage users and help them gain a more satisfying and personal shopping experience.

This way, not only are your customers happy with the service, but they also feel greater customer loyalty to your store.



We live in an environment where it's all about the individual. People expect services to work faster, be more convenient, and of course–be specifically geared for their unique preferences.

Thankfully, technology is becoming smarter in response to these individualistic demands. New tools are able to customize the experience beyond what was imaginable a decade ago, essentially moving ecommerce forward in terms of convenience, service, and of course– a more positive and exciting overall approach.

By taking advantage of these tools, ecommerce merchants can capture more enthusiastic and loyal following and watch their sales soar through the roof.