Building an advertising campaign with Google takes time, effort, and experience. Even the best marketer can make devastating mistakes when dealing with the complicated world of globalized marketing.


Because it's difficult to get a perfect image of your AdWords presence across the world while you're at your desk and the dollars are spending away. Google are making every effort they can towards making their search results, both organic and paid, as personal and local as possible to each and every user.

Here are 3 methods and tools I think you should know of if you are just starting out.

Basic level: Private Browsing

90% of you will think I'm kidding in telling you about every browser's Private Browsing/Incognito feature--but you have no idea how many online folks aren't aware of that when they are just starting out.

Although it's mostly for testing your organic results, on the most basic level you can use private browsing to get a better idea of how your ads look in the real world. The benefit of this is that you can get a really quick snapshot of what your ads, but don't be deceived--some private browsing options, like Onion TOR, continually change your location across the globe. This doesn't help you get an idea about specific local campaigns or language.

You'll also have to sign out of everything in your browser. Not only is this inconvenient, it doesn't offer marketers as much as using Google's Ad Preview Tool or advanced media intelligence tools.

Medium level: Google's ad preview tool

Google's Ad Preview Tool is made precisely to get an idea of what your ads look like. Simply enter a particular search term, language, and location to get Google's status of your ad under these particular conditions. It's good because it can give you a very accurate view of what potential customers see when they Google for the keywords you wish to see triggering the ad.

The downside of it is that it's run from within Google, with your own account--there is no independent verification. Furthermore, you cannot continue the funnel and jump into landing pages pointed by the ads, which makes the image being far from perfect in my opinion.

Advanced level: Proxies

While both private browsing and Google's Ad Preview Tool allow marketers to preview ads, including localized ads, using a proxy developed specifically for marketers offers many more benefits. As a blogger and online marketer, I separate Organic from Paid results to choose the proper tool. For Organic results, I use SEOBook's Rank Checker (free plugin to be found here) as it lets me choose a domain and a set of keywords, then it scans their localized search rankings at my desired country.

However, the toughest nut to crack is indeed researching your global Ads, so there's no running away from a proxy that will give you a hands-on access to accurate search results from any country in the world. I tried almost every proxy in the world, from freebie to premium ones and have been working with AdClarity GeoSurf for the past couple of years, only to find out it has sufficient accuracy and sync with real life global results.

I can honestly recommend you drop out of any free proxy you are using, as they are never accurate and if you are a respected online marketer, you will eventually unwillingly get caught in showing your clients with a false image of their campaign presence.

Have you got any more interesting tools you use to inspect your Ad presence in real time? Would love learning about new ones!

Published on: Sep 8, 2014