We all know by now what a wonderful resource Twitter can be to keep us connected with our favorite businesses, celebrities, and friends/colleagues around the world.

With the use of the social network we stay up to date with the latest whereabouts and information. What is Twitter doing to stay relevant and keep up with new trending social networks Instagram, and SnapChat which are moving on the scene?

Now, Twitter doesn't only provide information and a channel to remain connected, but they're also a grantor of a wonderful opportunity for start-ups to show their products and receive one more snatch to develop.

Instead of opting to compete with the other 'millennial' social networks, Twitter has taken on the business and startup world with full force inducting their new event, Twitter Hatch.

TwitterHatch began it's journey on January 13th, where startups from all around the world with $2M funding or less and revenue of less than $10M to submitted their contest applications. All of the competitors had to incorporate Fabric or Twitter API into their solutions or applications to tough it out and win the grand prize of $25,000.

Other prizes included one-on-one mentoring sessions with a Twitter Executive, Twitter Ad Credits to further promote their businesses, and VIP Access to the Twitter Development Events taking place in 2015.

After a round of competition, on June 5th the entries were closed and the judges decided on their top 10 finalists, and here they are in no particular order.


We all know that first-hand news appear very fast in Twitter, so why not use it for investing? CityFALCON, a London based Fintech start-up, gives a great opportunity for investors and traders to get filtered financial news from news publications, influential investors and crowd. This is a way to democratize access to financial information. The service is free for retail investors.


Have you thought about how it would be great to filter only articles in your Twitter stream and read them real time without waiting for it to load? This is exactly what Something does. Customizing with every second you work with it, Something provides you with the best articles from your Twitter stream, downloading them in the background.


No Internet, but need to connect with your friends? No problem. Here is Bridgefy--an encrypted mobile messaging application that works without Internet or SMS over large distance. It is not only good for simple chatting but also may be really helpful in unpredictable situations and unlucky events.


This is something start-up founders and investors would especially appreciate. FounderFox makes pitching easy and accessible to anyone. Make, watch, share pitches, and contact any start-up you liked.


Some people prefer to read news and some people prefer to watch them. For the second group of people there is Haystack TV, providing you with personalized video news channel available on your phone, tablet or TV.


If you’ve ever dreamt about becoming a camera man, here’s your lucky chance to show your skills. CollabraCam let you and up to 6 your friends stream your video and edit it on the go.


Somewhere will improve your resume and will help you to collaborate with your colleagues. It’s a nice way to track your work and share your experience with others. Some call it a new LinkedIn, some call it Pinterest for business, but it definitely brings a new idea in work.


In our advanced technological era people often give up real communication for messaging and Internet communication. Social networks absorb people really fast. But there are those who do not agree with such way of life. GetReal promotes face-to-face communication. Just login and find people around to chat and spend nice time with.


Social networks has become a great part of our life. And no wonder that it is used in many ways. Sales are not an exception. Sales Prodigy tracks activity in social networks and notifies you when your contacts post something relevant.


Can't decide which movie to choose to spend a weekend night? Check BuzzReel and find the best for you. This application collects feedback for movies on Twitter and sorts them out as positive or negative.


All the finalists gave wonderful ideas in their sphere and are totally worth trying out for yourselves. The different finalists span from 30 different countries around the world, represent different business and consumer audiences, and each hold their own unique creative aspects.

The winner will be announced next month, Tuesday August 11th at the finalist event taking place at Twitter's San Francisco HQ. Stay tuned to listen to the amazing pitches and find out who will win the grand prize of $25,000.


Published on: Jul 17, 2015