On a special project for Inc I cruised around the globe seeking out interesting entrepreneurs just to find out one, often overlooked thing--how do they dress for work? Gone are the days when business people dress only in suits and ties, as dress codes continue to be more casual and creative these days.

Followed are startup/business leaders from San Francisco, Miami, New York and Tel Aviv, caught with their pants up!

Models: Joe Victor Behar and Massimo Collela, Co-Founders of ITLY, a new ecommerce platform for purchasing untapped Italian brands in the US.

Based in: Miami.

Casual or formal dress code? "Casual in the startup industry is a must."

Best perk of your office? "We share space with a lot of other startups in Florida's main startup incubator, which is cool."

Unusual traditions in your office? "We speak and eat Italian, but feel American from a business perspective."

Your favorite product? "Fundable, as it's giving other startups a chance to be crowd-funded."

Model: Ran Avrahamy, Head of Marketing at AppsFlyer, a mobile App tracking analytic tool.

Based in: New York/Tel Aviv.

Casual or formal dress code? "Other than when facing investors or clients, startup folks spend more time at the office than at home, so they should feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible."

Best perk of your office? "All-you-can-drink beer and a view on beautiful sunsets."

Unusual traditions in your office? "We walk barefoot in the office, so new employees are given free slippers!"

Your favorite product? "I think InVision has a great product and branding."

Model: Brad Miller, CEO of Global Events, a company providing hospitality packages for Fortune 500 companies in events such as the World Cup, Super Bowl and Final Four.

Based in: San-Francisco.

Casual or formal dress code? "Dress for success, no casual wear. If you look good it gives you confidence to be successful and earn big money."

Best perk of your office? "We get to attend the world's best sporting events."

Unusual traditions in your office? "We have a gong in the office and the salespeople hit it after closing a deal. We all clap for them."

Your favorite product? "The iPhone is the one device that has changed everything."

Model: Gal Perelman, Head of Community

Published on: Oct 28, 2014