The more time customers spend on your page, the more positive associations they're going to make with your brand after the fact. These positive associations foster promising relationships and promote the likeliness of the customer following through with your "call to action." The average time customers will spend on a typical website is about 26.1 seconds. This hardly gives them enough time to be exposed to your brand, and definitely not enough time to convert.

However, if you can offer your customers something valuable right there on your site you can manage to increase this time and keep the readers there longer. Here we've composed a list of the top 3 tools you can use to help customers stay on your site longer.


People are going online and end up on your site for one reason, they want to obtain some kind of information. They want to be informed, entertained or connected. That's why you need to provide them with informative, and entertaining content that will get them hooked and not want to up and leave. Zemanta provides a practical solution. With the Zemanta plug-in they'll do the work for you.

They find relevant content to supplement the content on your page and continue to link similar or content the reader might find interesting based on their previous history. This way they're hooked, if your customer keeps getting presented with more and more interesting and relevant content they could be on your site reading for hours.


Spot.IM is a tool that allows you to create your own pop-up social network right there. This way the social community is involved in the content purely of your site, and all of the people there are interested in engaging and sharing your subject matter. Instead of exporting your content to external social media sites like Facebook you can keep all your traffic on your page, so all of the clicks and metrics will serve to enrich your site instead of Facebook.

By giving your customers the opportunity to connect with other like minded people via your website they can always associate these connections with your site, and if they want to connect with these people again it's inevitable for them to return to your site as well. A live example would be Red Bull's Cliff Diving community, as seen on the bottom left of the screen.


A serious blog or website won't use the default commenting system its CMS can offer. By adding Disqus to your site you are turning mere comments into an active community experience. Disqus inspires a discussion right there in the comments on your page. Disqus has the tools and the abilities to get the appropriate people directed to your site, and the discussion and community engagement to encourage them to stay on your site.

Their comment system is easy to use and compatible with nearly every blog and website. Disqus encourages and makes it easy for your users to actively participate in online conversations. This provides for an overall better site experience and leads to more time spent on page and more sharing of page content.

What drives you away from a website? What would make you want to stay? Do you have any other tools to recommend to the readers that have worked for you in the past?

Published on: Nov 14, 2014
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