Right brain, meet left.

Here's a look inside three new Israeli startups, founded by trained artists who have adapted their creative crafts into multimedia business initiatives that have managed to raise funds successfully.

If these three startups are any indication, there exists here more than a unity between artistic gift and commercial enterprise, and that is universal access to creative opportunities and personal interests--anytime, anywhere, for anyone.

LookAt is a new collaborative video editor that allows frame-by-frame (rather than time-stamped) edits and annotations that automatically save to a cloud. Co-founded by Yonathan and Inbal, a VFX artist and a media producer, LookAt uses a patented algorithm to let a video be copied into different groups for different viewers, for instance having one channel solely for the creative team while maintaining another for the client alone. The interactive interface tracks all changes so edits are available for conjoined viewing and collaboration, la Google Docs for text and Github for code.

I asked the founders for a pointer they would give artists who dream of becoming entrepreneurs: "Ignorance is a bliss. Use your lack of tech skills to push technology to its limit."

Veed.me is a platform uniting videographers and companies on a pay-per-project basis. Payouts align with progress reports at each step of the way, ensuring the client's needs and artist's visions are on par with each other from the first stages of conception through the final edits during production.

While Veed.me's partners Yoav Hornung and Oren Hod initially sought out to establish a production company fresh out of cinema school, they surmised that the far-reaching scope of the internet would attract a wider pool of potential clientele and necessitate a greater demand for digital content. With a client list including transit titan Waze and Google Israel's Campus Tel Aviv, the marriage of art with business has proven to be a fruitful endeavor.

I asked the founders for a pointer they would give artists who dream of becoming entrepreneurs: "Launching a startup doesn't require you to be a developer or even tech savvy at all. It means starting up anything from scratch to fruition, with a lot of motivation."

ArtSetters is an internationally-minded fashion and lifestyle marketplace curated by top tastemakers in major cities across the globe. In-the-know influencers or "ambassadors" precipitate local trends before they reach the mainstream, and Artsetters provides a global platform for independent artists and small businesses that may otherwise lack exposure and a sufficient sales reach.

Former artists Alex Schinasi and Lee Rotenberg note the ability of art and other creative endeavors to transcend political considerations, which can be a roadblock for Israeli companies especially during times of heightened international escalation.

I asked the founders for a pointer they would give artists who dream of becoming entrepreneurs: "Use your colorful thoughts to enhance your chances of success in an often grey technical landscape-- this will differentiate you from the noise and let you strongly shine if you manage to combine it with business logic."