Brand awareness is a key influencer in the sales process.

Not only should customers know your name, but your customers need to know that your brand image is aligned with their values. The best way to do that today is with video marketing that enhances your plain-text content marketing strategy.

Video brings more opportunities to create quality and creative content that converts better than most types of content.

Here are the 3 main aspects of videos as I see them, and 3 tools to align with them.

Lets You Tell a Story

Storytelling lays the foundation of your brand's marketing efforts. It allows you to reach out and connect with customers by telling and showing them who you are and what your brand is all about.

Using videos, you can convey your personality and create a memorable impression on your audience--how you choose to portray your company and the story behind it is how customers will position it in their mind.

Video is a medium that enables you to provide content that is concise yet meaningful.

Your audience doesn't have time to read lengthy texts explaining your value proposition, but a short, upbeat video can do that and more. That is precisely why you should base your video marketing strategy on a series of ongoing videos, rather than posting videos every so often.

Remember to leverage your communication strategy in order to create a strong relationship with your audience and establish a trusting relationship.

Make sure to include as many personal stories in your content that will help differentiate you from your competitors and show customers your company's added value. The only problem is, though, you can't do this forever especially since quality is a big issue.

Instead of going for expensive and time consuming productions, opt for video creation platforms that will streamline the process. Promo is a platform that enables businesses to post high quality videos without spending resources on a full production.

When dealing with branding, creating long videos can take up all your bandwidth. Creating short and impactful videos, however, will not only keep your audience engaged but will open up your bandwidth.

Improves Search Engine Performance

Video ranks higher in online searches with 62% of Google universal searches including video. This means more people will be exposed to your video than they would be to any article.

Most time, when individuals search for content, they would rather watch a video explaining a concept or showing a product in use. Quality video that's easily available will also go farther with the help of social sharing.

Videos are easy to share across all social platforms, helping them achieve virality faster. You can use video's powerful characteristics to create funny or infotainment videos that appeal to a large audience motivated to share them so they go viral in an instant.

Video marketing also provides marketers with the opportunity to generate evergreen content that continues to stay relevant long after its publication.

This is especially important to brands that choose to demonstrate their product or software. Using a screen recording tool like Screencast o-Matic, you can record presentations and demos, and create tutorials to be shared and curated on YouTube.

Multi-channel presence

You already know a website by itself isn't enough today. You have to be where your audience is.

Social platforms appeal to different demographics and are used to display content for different purposes. You can optimize your video content to fit each platform's audience (for example, Snapchat for a younger audience, Facebook for short, share-worthy videos).

You need to schedule videos to be published regularly and consider creating teasers on a different platform. For example, post a 4 second teaser on Instagram to the next video you'll post on Facebook.

Using mobile tools like Flipagram will allow you to combine videos and images captured on your mobile in order to create a shareable video for you social media accounts. You can narrate the video, choose a song from the music library, or upload music directly from your phone.

This could be great for encouraging users to share their own content and experiences as part of the ongoing communication between a brand and its audience.

Creating brand awareness is one of the most difficult tasks businesses face nowadays. However, by using video marketing they are able to extend their audience reach, improve communication and customer engagement, and make the right kind of impact on potential consumers.