When you're always in "go mode," it can be easy to slip into old habits that may not be conducive to growing yourself or your business.

But the easiest way to reinforce better behavior is to adopt new habits to replace the not-so-great ones. If you need some inspiration, 11 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) share the habits they hope to incorporate and maintain as part of their daily routines in 2016.

1. Pay closer attention to personal social media channels.

'As a founder, it is difficult to prioritize personal social media when so many bigger things require your attention. However, I'm making an effort to tend to my personal Twitter and LinkedIn profiles at least once per day, because both can be great tools for business development when managed regularly." -Brittany Hodak, ZinePak

2. Create a daily recap list.

"For the new year, I would like to adopt a habit of creating a daily list of five business tasks completed each day in a notebook, along with a 1-10 rating. The goal is to gauge how productive each day was, as well as to be a motivator for completing tasks. It is often useful to reflect on what has been completed and rate how you felt it went so that you can identify negative or positive patterns." --Phil Chen, Wrapify

3. Strengthen old connections.

"As AT&T used to say back in the day, there's no substitute for personal connection. I have made a lot of contacts over the years, but in 2016, I plan to reach out individually to a different person each day to strengthen my circle. My criteria is a like-minded individual with a similar business whom I haven't talked to in a while, and from whom I don't need anything right now." --Alexandra Levit, Inspiration at Work

4. Read every morning.

"I recently incorporated 20 minutes of reading business books into my morning routine. Not only has my content consumption increased exponentially, but I am also approaching business situations and decisions with a better perspective and higher level view. While I used to struggle to read two business books per year, I am now on pace to finish two books per month." --Brandon Dempsey, goBRANDgo!

5. Exercise before work.

"As an entrepreneur, I often have an unpredictable schedule with long hours, which makes working out after work nearly impossible. Recently I've started doing shorter workouts in the morning before work and found it increases energy and focus. The noticeable productivity increase and health benefits have made me decide to commit to making it part of my daily routine in the new year." --Carlo Cisco, SELECT

6. Reflect on one "win of the day."

"Take a second and think about the dialogue you have during the workday. I bet questions like 'How can we improve X?' or 'Do we need to start doing Z?' dominate the field of conversation. This deters celebration of small wins. I plan to carve out five minutes each day to think about one thing that went really well to create a balanced understanding of where I am at both personally and professionally." --Simon Casuto, eLearning Mind

7. Multitask less often.

"We all think we're great at multitasking, but the evidence says otherwise. I am acutely aware that if I spend my time putting out fires and dealing with several problems at once, I can't focus optimally on moving my company forward. This year, I intend to give myself more uninterrupted time to think about and execute the strategies that will bring even better products to our clients." --Vik Patel, Future Hosting

8. Establish a framework for growth.

"I spent a lot of time being busy in 2015. Some of that time was productive, but more was spent playing managerial Whack-a-Mole. The problem with Whack-a-Mole is that it kept me reactionary. To avoid this, I start every day by writing down my top three growth goals, and I deal only with tasks or interruptions that serve the top goal until it is completed. Then I move down to the next item on my list." --Julian Miller, Learnmetrics

9. Get to know your staff outside of work.

"Although we all communicate daily with each other, oftentimes we're all incredibly busy and don't have much time for informal discussions. This coming year, I plan to ensure that I have more time to get to know my employees as both work colleagues and people. Consolidating and outsourcing some of my daily administrative activities will allow me a bit more free time to spend interacting with them." --Luigi Wewege, Vivier Group

10. Adjust your email schedule to fixed intervals.

"In 2016, my resolution is to set aside time each day when I'm not checking my emails. Instead, I'll look at email at fixed intervals -- every two hours instead of every second would be a good start. It's important to dedicate time for responding to emails versus getting work done. It's incredible how much your productivity can increase when you're not constantly managing your inbox." --Douglas Baldasare, ChargeItSpot

11. Clear your inbox daily.

"At the end of each work day, I work through all my emails so that my inbox is empty when I start the next day. This way, I start my day focused on what I decide are the most important tasks--not on yesterday's communications." --Dusty Wunderlich, Bristlecone Holdings