Thanks to platforms like Medium and LinkedIn, company leaders are sharing more and more high-quality content in an effort to get their brand in front of potential customers, hires and even investors.

The potential for exposure is considerable, but your success on these platforms depends on both what you're writing and how you're sharing it.

Here, 11 entrepreneurs from YEC share their best tips for building brand awareness on publishing platforms large and small. Learn how they were able to engage on a human level -- not deliver another sales pitch.

1. Stop pitching and start interacting.

Social networks are often abused by business leaders who misinterpret their purpose to be used solely as an advertising platform. Advertising your business on a socialplatform isn't inherently evil, but your approach could make the difference between gaining or losing a customer. Use Medium and other platforms like it to engage, create rich, meaningful content and provide users with support.--Blair Thomas, EMerchantBroker

2. Mention other people.

Find ways to mention people. It's an added bonus if, by mentioning them, your post is shared with their audience, but the possibility that they'll re-post or respond is reason enough.--Andrew Namminga, Andesign

3. Be real.

People want to read about you, not about a marketing pitch for your company. So make your blogs personal! Most acclaimed TV shows and books are popular because of the character development -- you have to be willing to share your real story if you want readers.--Elle Kaplan, LexION Capital

4. See what already works.

Scan the headlines and topics related to your field that get the most shares and exposure on Medium. The cool thing is that anybody can sign up and publish there. Unlike other open publishing platforms, they have an editorial team to highlight and promote the top-quality and most-shared articles. This is why you must get a feel for the platform then pounce on topics worth your investment to publish.--Joshua Lee, StandOut Authority

5. Use it for ideas.

Our company just completed a migration of our current blog content to Medium. We believe Medium's founders when they saw that it's not just a platform for publishing, it's a platform for ideas. My advice to believe them and engage appropriately. Since our transition, we've seen an increase in "full reads" (versus quick bounces) and are realizing significant conversion traffic to our website.--Hugh Weber, IOP

6. Add a CTA to each post.

While it's great to have lots of readers on your Medium posts, it doesn't translate into revenue or leads unless you're able to get them down your marketing funnel. Think about what sort of value-add you can provide that is related to your post. Is it a free pdf? A bonus video? An educational webinar? Make sure you think about the next step you want someone to take after reading your post.--Mattan Griffel, One Month

7. Provide results in advance of selling anything.

Platforms like Medium are powerful for connecting with and growing your audience. However, don't be fooled. These platforms are not to sell your products or services directly. Instead, focus on providing results and value far in advance of asking for a sale. Even then, do it indirectly. For instance, say you own a travel booking company -- leverage Medium to share tips and strategies on travel.--Obinna Ekezie,

8. Make sure you're unique.

Look through the content that is already available when it comes to the subject you are writing about. Has another individual already expressed a very similar or identical opinion before? If so, make sure you are posting a unique viewpoint that will gain attention and shares. Your work will stand out through the platform and your time spent will result in heightened brand awareness.--Miles Jennings,

9. Build trust through generosity.

Good content marketing is about generosity -- sharing your expertise, your methods, anything that could be useful to your audience. In a way, it's about relating to them as people. If all you do is sell, sell, sell, then your audience will see you for what you are -- a salesperson -- and trust will be broken. Be open, be giving and above all, provide value.--Rob Emrich, The Mobile Majority

10. Lead with authenticity.

Lead by being authentic. Understand the audience you're creating content for and don't be spammy. Teach someone something that inspires them, and then if they're looking to get in touch with you, they will get in touch. Don't use too many calls to action and that sort of thing. Be authentic to what the platform is, which is valuable long-form information.--Peter Sena, Digital Surgeons

11. Cross-post in relevant communities.

At June, we've been wildly successful in leveraging Medium's huge audience to build our brand awareness and increase conversions. But it wasn't enough to simply write compelling, valuable content for our niche. We decided to boost our exposure by posting our Medium links in other communities relevant to June. This move proved to be successful, amassing over 250k views in 30 days.--Zachary Burkes, June