By Stephanie Wells. Steph is the founder of Formidable Forms, a drag & drop form builder for WordPress that empowers freelancers to create form-based solutions.

Do you wish you felt more motivated in your day-to-day but aren't sure how to get that spark back?

Motivation is the drive to accomplish something. It ebbs and flows, so it's normal not to feel it constantly. But it's an important factor in helping you set goals that you're likelier to achieve.

Whether you want to finish a home project or start a podcast, you can use motivation to solve problems, change habits, start a new routine and much more. Although it's easier said than done, anyone can find the inspiration to change their ways and improve their life.

If you want to feel more motivated, here are three simple tips to help you get started. 

1. Set Realistic Goals

To boost your motivation, it's important to set small, achievable goals. If you try to take on too much at once, this will only cause you to quit early because you feel overwhelmed. To prevent burnout, your goals need to be broken down into smaller steps that are easier to accomplish. 

For example, let's say you set a goal to start a podcast. Instead of jumping ahead to getting a million views per episode, you need to start at the beginning. This includes choosing a niche, buying equipment and performing research. 

You need to set the foundation for success to increase your motivation and feel like you can see a project all the way through. Once things start to seem overwhelming, you're much likelier to quit in the middle and feel yourself lacking interest once again. 

2. Give Yourself Grace

When you fail to complete a task or project, it's easy to beat yourself up and focus on everything you did wrong. Why can't you do anything right? Why is it so difficult to make it to the end goal?

However, being hard on yourself only decreases your motivation and causes you to stray further from accomplishing your goals. The more you focus on what you aren't doing or what other people are doing, the easier it is to get distracted. 

The best way to continue staying motivated, even during challenging times, is by giving yourself room for imperfection. You might not reach your goal for the day, but you still started your project. Or, perhaps you took the day off for some much-needed rest. Whatever the case may be, it's important to give yourself grace so you can pick up where you left off.

3. Reach Out for Support

You don't have to get through your goals alone, nor do you have to carry the entire burden by yourself. Improving your life and boosting your motivation levels sometimes require outside influences to keep you in check so you can keep going.

Tell a friend or someone you trust about your goals so they can hold you accountable and keep you on track. Some days will be more difficult than others to stay motivated, and on these days, having someone to push you can make all the difference. 

You can also post about your goals on social media to find a community that can also hold you accountable and inspire you to keep going. There are forums and community groups of almost every kind out there where you can make friends and receive valuable feedback.

Your Turn

Staying motivated can be one of the most challenging parts of reaching your goals and living the life you want. The game changer is that you don't have to get inspired all on your own. There are many steps you can take to boost your motivation and feel ready to tackle your to-do list. What steps will you take to feel more motivated?