Joshua Lee is a strategic coach, author of (Life)4 and co-founder of Stand Out Authority.

According to LinkedIn, 4.6 billion pieces of content are produced daily, and more than 1 million members have published content on LinkedIn. My business partner, Clint Evans, and I have studied over 2,523 articles published via LinkedIn over the last 27 months. Most articles we reviewed got 20 readers or fewer, while fortunate members got 100 readers to read their content. Less than 10 percent of those articles got more than 1,000 readers.

It's likely that neither you nor your company is creating content as a hobby or in lieu of spending time with family. Instead, you create content for three main reasons:

  • To attract new, premium clients
  • To get them to buy higher-priced products/services
  • To get them to keep buying and refer their colleagues

LinkedIn's publishing platform gives you a built-in audience of committed professionals who are willing to devote more attention to business growth and career improvement. So how do you stand out? How do you magnify, amplify and focus your message so it entices your ideal clients, like a gorgeous sunset they can't peel their eyes away from? Here's your three-part framework:

Implement an Intentional Strategy

It starts with your mindset. Implement a strategy where you plan to spend 20 percent of your budget (or time) creating your content. Then, once you publish, spend 80 percent of your budget (or time) promoting. The time and money you save by not creating other pieces of content should go towards promoting your content in the focused areas your ideal prospects are paying attention to.

Publishing on LinkedIn will help you achieve the three main goals listed above when you implement the 80/20 strategy. It's helped us reach 5,000-plus readers on both our articles and our clients' articles.

Leverage Social Proof

Whether you believe this is how you operate or not, you and I choose what to focus on based on other people's behaviors. Imagine, for instance, that you're seeing two thumbnails for videos on Facebook. One video has one view, while the other video has 1,500 views. You're only willing to devote the time to watch one. Which do you watch? Probably the one with 1,500 views.

How do you beat the trap so many LinkedIn publishers fall into by failing to reach even 100 readers? Build and grow a "mini-syndicate." Seek out connections who are active on LinkedIn and propose to help each others' content get noticed. Participate in discussions inside active industry LinkedIn groups. There's been a lot of negativity surrounding LinkedIn's group changes, creating a void that savvy LinkedIn members are capitalizing on. If you can get 30-40 likes and 10 or more comments on the day you publish an article, you have a good chance to reach hundreds or even thousands of readers.

Promote Over the Long Term

Use your advertising budget to promote your content in places your ideal prospects frequent. Use posting tools or have your assistant post content to relevant LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Rotate links in your email signature to articles you published on LinkedIn (and mention reader count for social proof that will entice them to click). Link or mention articles in other publications to continue getting use out of them over the long term as well.

LinkedIn's publishing platform is only as powerful as its savviest user. While many users can feel frustrated at the lack of ROI on their publishing efforts, you too can join the group of elite performers by following the three-step framework above, starting with the right mindset and an intentional plan to expand your reach.