By Stephanie Wells, founder of Formidable Forms

It’s no secret that video takes marketing campaigns to the next level. As time goes on, video content continues to win over consumers and pique their interest. 

In 2015, Harvard Business Review reported that around 50 percent of businesses were implementing video into their marketing strategies, while two-thirds expected to do so in the future. It’s safe to say video content has been and will continue to be important to both customers and brands alike.

Video content gives users more to work with. It takes static content and transforms it into interactive content that’s fun to digest and easy to consume. For these reasons and more, it’s quickly becoming many consumers’ favorite way to interact with brands online.

To dominate your industry in 2020, you need to stay up to date on the latest video marketing trends so you can give your audience what they want.

1. Shoppable Videos

Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat already allow users to link to external websites. This year, I expect to see more brands creating videos that link directly to products and services, making it easy to purchase. 

This trend uses “shoppable videos” to further engage users and lead them through the conversion funnel until they’re comfortable enough to become paying customers. Video marketing makes it easy to grab their attention and convince them to buy from your business instead of your competitor’s by showing them what your brand has to offer.

Making the buying process as simple as possible for online shoppers will increase your sales and attract new customers. Video content is an easy and direct way for your audience to learn about your products and make buying decisions. 

2. Vlogging

While combining videos with blogging isn’t a new concept, I predict that vlogging will continue to capture consumers’ attention in 2020. People want to feel connected to the brands they invest in. With so many options readily available, especially through e-commerce, consumers can afford to be picky about which businesses to buy from. 

Vlogging is an essential video marketing technique because it builds brand authenticity and earns your viewers’ trust. There are so many ways a business can use vlogging to move customers through the sales funnel. You can give users a behind-the-scenes look into your business, let them get to know you and your team, and showcase new products before launch.

It’s crucial to build strong customer relationships from the beginning so you retain customers and increase your ROI. It costs anywhere from five to 25 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain one, so creating video content that brings those customers back will bring your business positive results.

3. Personalization

You wouldn’t send out an email campaign without tailoring it to the user, and you don’t want to do that for your video content, either. Regardless of what type of content you put out, it’s essential to personalize it to your target market so you can increase conversions and grow your business.

Personalized video marketing uses concrete data and customer feedback to create content that’s relevant and valuable to viewers. Imagine creating a cooking video for your industrial supplies company. Not only would you not sell any units, but you would lose customers based on the mixed messages you’re sending. The last thing you want to do is confuse your audience.

4. Interactive Videos

More businesses are seeing the positive effects of incorporating interactive content into their marketing strategies, whether that’s email, social media or another medium. Interactive videos require your audience’s full attention and keep them engaged for longer, making it easier to convince them to take action. 

Some standard features of interactive videos include:

  • 360-degree access: Users can scroll various ways inside the video to get a full view.
  • Branching: Users can choose their own path and customize content based on their preferences.
  • Hotspots: Areas where users can click and interact with the video in more detail. 

Interactive videos are also great for businesses because they’re trackable and can provide valuable user data for future marketing strategies. Marketers can analyze insightful metrics such as the paths users take, dwell times, skips, rewatches and more.

Leveraging Video Trends to Boost Sales

There are endless ways your business can leverage videos to build a loyal following and boost sales. What’s important is that you know your target audience and provide them with valuable content that moves them through the sales funnel. Using video, you can take your business to the next level of success as it reels in more customers.

Stephanie Wells is the founder of Formidable Forms, a drag & drop form builder for WordPress that empowers freelancers to create form-based solutions.