By Kyle Goguen, founder and president of

Generating energy is an important part of positively impacting a team, but it's often not considered of high importance. Energy is typically left uncontrolled and simply comes and goes according to team dynamics. However, many teams don't realize they could be creating and controlling the energy they need -- even if it's not currently present or a part of their work culture.

Energy is required for growth and forward movement, so teams that want to move to the next level of success must depend on the ability to access and generate energy. Coach Brendon Burchard has spent years studying high-performance habits. In an interview with Jeff Haden on, Burchard says: "Our research shows, unsurprisingly, that most people lose energy throughout the day. By 2 or 3 p.m. they're starting to flag, and many finish the day feeling wiped out. But some people -- some extremely busy and productive people -- aren't wiped out. What we found is that most people bleed out energy and intention in the transitions between tasks, between meetings, etc."

So if people are bleeding out energy, there must be a way to teach teams to finish the day strong. Leaders can consider themselves "energy generators" by bringing energy to those they lead and teaching them to create energy for themselves when needed.

Here are four ways leaders can generate energy to positively impact their team:

1. Celebrate frequently.

Celebrating wins -- even in a small way -- makes the team feel appreciated. However, it's important not to get stuck in an ebb and flow pattern, which can happen if the team is always waiting for the next big celebration. Instead, teach your team small ways to celebrate every day. One way is to make time for gratitude. When people reflect on what they are grateful for, they take time to celebrate their lives.

Another way to celebrate is to point out the achievements of others. Be the one who notices others' hard work, and point it out in an encouraging and uplifting way. Celebration is an easy and fun form of generating energy, and it doesn't have to be limited to work anniversaries and when the company meets big milestone goals. Celebrate as a way to generate energy in the workplace.

2. Encourage physical exercise.

You may not have a gym at the office, but physical exercise can still be encouraged. There are many different options for encouraging your team to engage in physical exercise. The options can range from paying employees a quarterly bonus for physical challenges met outside of the office or giving employees breaks throughout the day to do short exercise spurts in a room designated for fitness.

3. Transition from task to task well.

Throughout the workday, there are many periods of transition. When transitioning from task to task, energy can be lost. However, when a team is taught how to transition well, it can make all the difference in sustained energy. One tip to transition well is to close one task in a way that feels "complete" before beginning a new one. Once a person feels a level of completeness (even if it's only "complete" for now), they can move on with enough mental space for the next task at hand.

Another way to transition well is to be mindful about what the next task needs from you and then show up as the right person for the job. Maybe the task needs extreme focus or maybe it needs someone else on board for the best possible outcome. Visualize the task before you jump in and think through these things. Then, set yourself up for success before you begin. Being intentional with the completion and the start of another task can generate the energy needed to perform at your best.

4. Share handwritten notes.

In an age of tweets, texts and emojis, how many people take the time to write handwritten letters? The answer is very few. It's antiquated to write snail mail. It's also what makes it so special. Getting a handwritten note from someone has a cache to it that an email just doesn't have and is a surefire way to revitalize your team. As a CEO, write letters to your employees thanking them for a job well done. You may be surprised by how much they treasure them.

Remember, your energy level is not beyond your control, and your team can learn to control their energy as well. Show your team that you care and want them to generate energy so that, at the end of the day, they can enjoy their time at work and after work to the fullest.

Kyle Goguen is the founder and president of, an online retailer and manufacturer of natural dog treats and chews.