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Working at a desk from 9 to 5 can take a huge toll on your health. The human body is designed to be active, which is why, counterintuitively, you may find yourself exhausted after sitting all day. By the time you get home and eat dinner, all you want to do is relax. Sitting at a desk all day, five days a week can lead to weight gain, back problems and boredom and an overall unhealthy lifestyle. I encourage my team at Be Inspired PR to understand the effects so they can be healthier and happier. Here are four strategies you can use to actively overcome the repercussions of sitting at a desk all day.

Make Every Task an Excuse to Move

You may not think that small movements, such as walking to a co-worker's desk or refilling your water glass, can work against the effects of sitting all day, but think again. Every little movement counts, so make any task an excuse to move your body. It's technically quicker to shoot an email or an instant message to your coworker if you have a simple question, but how much time are you really saving? It's worth making the trip when you think about the benefits it can have on your body. If there's an errand that needs to be run or lunch that needs to be picked up, volunteer yourself. A few extra steps can make a difference.

At Be Inspired PR, we've even created a friendly competition counting our steps using our Fitbits for extra motivation. With the whole office in it together, the support makes it easier to commit to staying active. We all make moving a priority, so when someone suggests having a "walking meeting" instead of going to a conference room, everyone is enthusiastic.

Pack Your Own Lunch (And Snacks)

Despite our Fitbit competitions and walking meetings, the Be Inspired PR team isn't perfect at always eating right. When you're surrounded by bakeries and ice cream shops, it's sometimes hard to resist treating the team to a box of donuts. That's why I recommend packing your own lunch and snacks every day (or at least most days). Offices are filled with junk food and snacks that can easily ruin a healthy diet. If you pack your own food, you will be less inclined to start nibbling on that donut when you start to get a little hungry. Of course, I fully support office treats once in a while, but snacking on fruit, trail mix or carrots and hummus on a regular basis will give you more energy.

Take Advantage of Your Lunch Break

Even if you decide to pack your own lunch, you don't need to stay in the office to eat it. When it's time for your lunch break, grab your sandwich and head out to look for a nice spot to enjoy it. If you still have extra time once you're done eating, keep walking. It's not only great for your body but also your mind. We're lucky to be located in such a health-conscious city such as LA. There are many exercise studios surrounding us that offer 30-minute workout classes, which is perfect for those on lunch break! If there are any workout studios in your area, book a class. We have taken a couple classes as an office, and it's always fun.

Drink Water All Day Long

Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body. Encourage yourself to drink more water by purchasing a reusable water bottle that you can bring to work with you every day. I recommend buying one with measurements on it so you can track how much you drink throughout the day. If you find that you're not drinking enough water, get a little creative and try infusing your water with fruit to get a taste that you love. I like to fill my first bottle of the day with lemon water for the flavor, but also for all the amazing health benefits it offers. Adding a little flavor also encourages me to drink more throughout the day.

Incorporate these tips into your everyday work life and watch your health improve! Make sure to also take advantage of your evenings and weekends, and use them to stay active. Plan activities that you enjoy, such as hiking, biking or even taking a walk with your family. Once you begin living a healthy lifestyle and staying active, it becomes habitual in no time.