By Samuel Thimothy, VP at

As business owners, we're all after one thing: unstoppable growth. When my clients come to me, they almost always want to know the secret to using content and SEO to take their business to the next level. For a digital marketing company, that isn't a strange request. However, creating a marketing strategy that can boost your business and help you see more growth isn't always about what you need to start doing. Sometimes, you need to consider what you need to stop doing.

Bad content marketing and SEO practices can smother your business growth before it really gets started. If you're not aware of the poorly crafted strategies holding you back, it can be nearly impossible to see your business reach real growth levels. Here are a few ways you may be preventing your business growth -- without even realizing it.

You're Posting Whatever, Whenever

Uploading new content is important for growing your SEO strategy through content. However, without any schedule or plan, it can be difficult for your clients to stay connected. If you're only posting whatever you want whenever you have the time, you're creating an inconsistent user-experience -- something both search engine crawlers and customers care very little for.

I always encourage my clients to maintain a content calendar at least 90 days out. Outline what you're going to share and think strategically about how your content will bring your potential customers closer and closer to making a purchase. With more high-quality content, you'll see more high-quality visitors interested in what you have to say. The more popular your page is, the stronger your SEO will be.

You're Targeting Anyone Who Will Listen

I sometimes run into business owners who tell me they dream of becoming a household name. They want to be the go-to solution for everyone, regardless of location, income level, gender or age. They believe that the wider they cast their net, the easier it will be to get new clients. So, they reach wide, only to come back confused why their business isn't doing better.

Unfortunately, marketing doesn't work this way. If your blog posts, videos and webinars are generic or watered down in an effort to reach more customers, they'll probably be ignored. To attract high-quality leads and customers, create specific content that speaks to the direct needs and problems your target audience is facing.

You're Only Creating Blog Content

Blogging can be one of the most powerful tools for boosting your content marketing and SEO strategies. When used correctly, a great blog post can help you attract new leads and convert old leads into new customers. However, I often see many businesses equating a blog strategy with a content strategy.

To really see an improvement in leads in SEO, go beyond simply creating blog posts. Your content marketing strategy should reach different audience members through videos, webinars, infographics, podcasts and more. When you diversify your content mix, you can connect with target audience members at different areas of the buyer's journey who like to hang out in different areas of the internet.

You're Constantly Changing Your SEO Strategy

When I work with new clients to develop an SEO strategy, they're often impatient. They want results quickly. I often need to remind them that an SEO strategy can take a few months to sink in. Not only does it involve proper planning and research, but you also need to be sure to give search engine crawlers some time to become familiar with your content.

Making changes to your SEO strategy can be tempting, but it can actually push you back to square one. If you've just implemented new keywords or re-optimized your site and you're still not seeing results, it may not be an indication that your SEO strategy is wrong. Instead, remember that you're not going to reach the top of a search engine results list overnight.

Don't allow your impatience or lack of planning prevent you from taking your business to the next level. Listen to your target audience, provide them with the content they need and ensure the proper SEO systems are in place. As you begin to let your content strategy breathe, you'll be surprised at how fast your growth can skyrocket.

Samuel Thimothy is the VP at, an inbound marketing agency and co-founded, the digital marketing intelligence platform.