By Bryanne Lawless, owner of BLND Public Relations.

Losing sight of small details is simply the byproduct of a company rapidly growing. There are always going to be more important decisions to be made, bigger picture ideas to be implemented, and relationships forged. However, this occurrence can dilute the significance of what your brand is, what it stands for, and how clients or consumers can identify it. In order to not lose sight of the foundation you've built, here are five ways to reinforce your company branding to continue heightening brand awareness.

Keep All Materials Cohesive and Updated

When your email signatures do not match the company's current letterhead, business cards or press kit, it is usually a sign to evaluate the company's overall branding. Gut check all branding assets and update those materials to reflect brand cohesiveness.

The best way to keep up to date with these assets is to create a brand style guide: The foundation of all brand messaging and aesthetics should live in this document and be circulated company-wide for all seasoned and new team members.

We've rebranded my company at least three times, and each time our account director has scheduled time to update the style guide and make sure all assets are up-to-date on all relevant channels. Brand loyalty starts with brand awareness, which stems from a singular vision that accurately represents the company's image.

Send Clients and Customers Holiday Cards

This may sound a little archaic, but sending holiday cards is a personal touch that customers and clients alike enjoy. Make the card memorable by adding a humorous touch, and jazz it up with props and a memorable tagline.

Making the card personal and adding handwritten signatures shows recipients that you took the time to express your appreciation. Last year, our holiday card theme was "Real Housewives," and our clients got a kick out of seeing a sillier side of our team members.

Look Internally for Content Creators

People like to know they are going to be taken care of by the brands they are loyal to, so let your team members speak from the heart about the work they do. Each person can craft material that enables others to see the folks behind the brand.

When we begin working with a new client, we interview both them and their integral team members who have specific skill sets they can leverage to tell a different side of the company's story.

Send Quarterly Newsletters

Quarterly newsletters are a great way to communicate to the masses the incredible goings-on at your company. They can also highlight your branding by using cohesive fonts, colors, logos, and any other imagery that promotes the company and its services or products.

Include social media handles, relevant hashtags, and links to any other platforms that showcase the brand. Add the tagline and signature at the end of the newsletter, reaffirming who you are and what your company wants to accomplish. Some of our clients use programs like MailChimp to produce the design, but we prefer using our in-house graphic designer to create a template that best represents our brand.

Communicate Regularly Through Social Media

Your customers and clients are not hanging onto every word or movement you make, so always be sure to continue engagement through social media. Make yourself available to your customers and clients, respond to their needs, and always do it with the company messaging, voice, and tone in mind.

Having voice and tone guidelines handy will enable any team member to handle any task associated with customers or clients online. If our client is managing their own social accounts, we like to make suggestions of how to respond to their audience to promote consistent engagement. If our team members are managing our client's social accounts, we write in our client's voice.

Make your voice strong and exert yourself as an expert in your industry through all relevant social platforms. Be willing to lend an ear, say hello, and encourage sharing through social media promotions.

Bryanne Lawless is the owner of BLND Public Relations, a boutique agency based in Los Angeles specializing in lifestyle PR campaigns for both established and emerging companies.