By Bryanne Lawless, owner of BLND Public Relations.

2016 is over. In between penciling in gym classes around your already-busy 2017 schedule and returning that tie or mixer you received three of this holiday, hunker down with your employees and give them the pep talk they need for coming into the new year hot, fast and ready for success. Even though encouragement is always great, it is better to have a set list of achievable goals prepared for your millennial team members.

When guiding your team through these goals, remember that accountability is key. Knowing what your company and team members can accomplish, push them out of their comfort zone a good few feet. Give them the ability to emulate your attitude and actions so they can take that goal ten times farther than originally intended.

Here are five duties to task your millennial team with as 2017 kicks off:

Solidify All Internal and External Company Goals

As the new year kicks off, establish all goals for overall company success in the new year, team goals for client success, and individual goals for personal career success. At my company, we start by holding an agency meeting where we review goals from the previous year, and brainstorm new ways to either improve those goals or come up with new ones that better suit the company's trajectory.

Next, each team on every account meets to determine the goals they have to not only work better together, but to streamline processes for their accounts in the new year. Client retention is key.

Lastly, the account director and I hold managerial meetings with each employee for performance reviews. These include discussing personal career goals that the employee has, and how I as an owner can help them reach those accomplishments.

Make It a Priority to Connect

Post holiday coma, people are in great moods. Everyone is immersed in their resolutions. Expand your network by reaching out to everyone with whom you would like to connect. Start these conversations with a positive attitude and open mind.

Have your team members openly share the connections they have been able to make to help encourage others to do the same. Discussing successful ways they have reached out is also beneficial for future conversations.

Plan Vacation Times Accordingly

If you have a small- to medium-sized team, vacation time could negatively impact workflow and client campaign success. Not everyone needs to know where everyone is going, but they should at least be able to provide dates and times in order for teams to account for being a member or two down.

Also, planning a vacation ensures that your millennial team members are getting the work-life balance needed to regroup, rejuvenate, and come back to work revitalized to continue producing their best work yet. Even though my team is growing exponentially, we are considerate of others' vacation times. Our team always makes time to discuss work handoffs a few days before leaving the office to make sure nothing gets lost in translation and the process is seamless.

Learn Three New Techniques, and Teach Them to One Another

This is by far our favorite goal to accomplish every year. Ask your team what three new techniques or methods they want to learn and accomplish this year. Once settled upon three new lessons, designate a volunteer to study that idea and put together a lesson packet to teach the rest of the team.

Being able to teach others not only gives you a better handle on the technique or method, but also helps others gain intimate knowledge on a level you can all understand, as it is peer taught.

Clean Out Your Inbox

For everyone's sake, get a jump on sorting emails into the appropriate folders in order to make room for the new exciting things that will be happening this year. Old emails shouldn't become entangled with new opportunities.

Consider this the first, early duty to kick off spring cleaning. You and your team will feel so much better for it.

Bryanne Lawless opened BLND Public Relations in 2013 to focus on what she loves most, lifestyle brands.