By Kumar Arora, serial entrepreneur turned investor.

Entrepreneurs are certainly not your typical, run-of-the-mill person. We normally throw ourselves into our entrepreneurial endeavors 100 percent. Our whole being is business, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Dating an entrepreneur is thrilling, addictive and, above all, just awesome. Are we passionate? Absolutely. Do we know what we want? Definitely. Are we responsible? You bet. After all, we are responsible for our employees. We must harness our team’s creativity, nurture their professional career, pay them and ensure they have a healthy work-life balance.

However, an entrepreneur's enthralled relationship with their work may make relationships of the heart a challenge. The term "entrepreneur" doesn’t necessarily make us an immediate catch either. According to matchmaking data compiled by Zoosk, men who call themselves entrepreneurs get 16 percent fewer messages via their online dating profiles. Interestingly, if you switch that up to say, CEO, you will receive 31 percent more messages.

Our lifestyle may be a bit quirky, but our passion for professional development certainly extends to our personal relationships. Whether we call ourselves, entrepreneurs, CEOs or founders, this is why dating us is awesome.

We’re Passionate

The ability to create something is derived directly from passion. It can, however, be a bit like a rollercoaster ride. One day we could be at the pinnacle of a new project and the next could be loop after loop of uncertainty.

We wear our emotions on our sleeves and our passion goes beyond our entrepreneurial endeavors. Entrepreneurs are passionate about life in general and we share our ups and downs with our significant others. The love and passion we put into our relationships are a lot like that of our projects. It is fierce, intense, emotional and profound. Living in the moment is essential to our success, which is contagious to all those around us.

We Don't Conform to Society

The passion we have as entrepreneurs often leads us down paths less taken. These paths may also not be aligned with societal norms. In fact, the very essence of our professional development and lifestyle goes against the grains of society. We simply fail to conform, and by doing so, succeed. Breaking the rules and being a rebel in our professional lives is quite common for the entrepreneur. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have all resisted conformity. And let’s face it -- being a bit of a rebel is sexy.

We Understand Sacrifice

Sacrifice is something all entrepreneurs know well. We have given up many aspects of our professional and personal lives in order to dedicate more time and energy to what we believe deeply in. Job security, career reputation, income, work/life balance and sleep are common areas of entrepreneurial collateral damage.

Have you ever tried to talk about what’s new on Netflix with an entrepreneur? The topic will only elicit blank stares and confusion. However, our deep understanding of sacrifice makes dating an entrepreneur appealing. We know the need for space, and we also know what it means to be 100 percent dedicated to something or someone we love.

We Know What We Want

You may know how frustrating it is to date someone who doesn’t have the slightest clue of what he or she wants. By dating an entrepreneur, you can pretty much count this relationship problem out. Entrepreneurs have built their entire lifestyle and cultivated their professional development around their unique vision. They know exactly what they want and will do anything to achieve their goals.

This vision and vitality to succeed in all we put our minds to is one of the most awesome things about dating an entrepreneur. Our significant others know exactly where they stand in the relationship. There is little doubt about how much love and compassion we have.

We Are Always Seeking New Thrills and Experiences

Looking for a little excitement in your relationship? Dating an entrepreneur can facilitate just that. By nature we are passionate, caring, driven thrill seekers. Trading in the security of a 9-to-5 and 401k is certainly not for everyone. Living life to the fullest is the foundation to our professional development and lifestyle. We aim high, and our passion and vision to accomplish our lofty goals makes us unique, attractive and exciting. Those who date entrepreneurs are part of our journey. They are often the emotional support we rely on and the voice of reason during the highest and lowest points of our endeavors.

Kumar Arora is a serial entrepreneur turned investor, and one of the sharks on CNBC’s “Cleveland Hustles,” produced by Lebron James.