By Jared Atchison, co-founder of WPForms.

Contact forms aren't just a convenient way for visitors to get in touch with you. They can also be a profitable source of leads for your blog or business. Smart bloggers optimize their contact forms to collect important information from visitors and convert those visitors into leads.

After developing and growing a WordPress contact form plugin, I've noticed a lot of the same mistakes users are making on their sites. Whether you're a business owner looking to attract more customers or a blogger who wants to get invites to guest posting or speaking opportunities, it's crucial to make sure your contact form is optimized to convert. If you're getting traffic but no one's reaching out to you, your contact form could be the problem.

What Is Contact Form Conversion?

Your contact form conversion rate is the percentage of people who fill out your contact form after viewing it. If a lot of your site visitors are viewing your forms but not filling them out, it could indicate a problem with your forms. If your contact forms aren't converting well, then you may be making these common mistakes:

Using Poor Form Design

Your contact form's design plays a key role in attracting people to use it. Using an ugly form design will not only drive people away but it will also hurt your website authority. Everything from the colors you use in your form and buttons will make a difference in your conversion rates. Did you know that colors have a strong effect in influencing the human mind? This is called color psychology. Study it and use colors wisely in your contact form.

You should design your contact form in a way that welcomes users and shows professionalism. More importantly, it should blend in well with your website design.

Failing to Optimize Error Messages

Error messages help people to get their information right when they mistakenly do something wrong when trying to use a contact form. Maybe they made a mistake when entering their email address or forgot to fill out the name field. As the website owner, it's up to you to clearly and precisely point out the mistake to help users to easily fix it and go through with the submission. For example, instead of showing an error message like: "One or more fields contain an error. Please try again," it's better to point out which fields of the form requires improvement.

Trying to Collect Too Much Information

Adding too many fields to your contact form is another common mistake that drives people away. It's understandable that you're trying to get all the information you need from your visitors, but you must also look at it from the user's perspective. It can be frustrating to have to fill out so many fields just to send a simple message. You can still get information out of your visitors with a minimalist contact form. Keep things simple.

Not Optimizing Your Calls to Action

Are you still using "submit" as the text for your contact form buttons? The calls to action (CTA) in your contact forms are an often overlooked but crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to improving your conversions. Customizing the default CTAs and personalizing them to fit your website will greatly help improve conversion rates. Text that is more self-explanatory like: "send message" can help to improve conversions. And when including instructions in the fields, using more actionable words like, "enter your email address" instead of just using "your email" can help users. Highlight the required fields and make it easy.

It's the simple changes like these that help generate more responses. Keep experimenting, keep improving and try adding new features to see what works best for your contact forms. Eventually, you will start seeing an improvement in your conversion rates.

Jared Atchison is the co-founder of WPForms, a drag & drop form builder for WordPress that's being used on over 400,000 websites.