By Syed Balkhi, co-founder of OptinMonster.

Are you getting plenty of traffic but not converting many customers on your e-commerce site? Generating traffic to your e-commerce site is only the first step. If your conversions are low, it's time to analyze your website and the conversion funnel and make some improvements. Let's take a look at a few ways to do this.

Build an Email List

In our business, we have found that building an email list can significantly boost conversions. Our internal data shows that an email subscriber is two-to-three times more likely to make a purchase compared to an average website visitor.

I've found MailChimp to be one of the easiest marketing automation tools for e-commerce businesses. You can easily create email sequences to send when subscribers join your list, make a purchase, celebrate a birthday, or complete other triggers.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is an important key performance indicator. You can track your own cart abandonment rate using Google Analytics' enhanced e-commerce feature. A few reasons customers abandon carts include:

  • Lack of images: Showing a thumbnail image in your customer's cart throughout the checkout process helps them to remember what they're actually purchasing.
  • Confusing navigation: Make navigation between a store and a cart easy. Add a prominent button to your primary navigational menu so that customers can reach their shopping cart with one click from anywhere on your site.
  • Surprise shipping fees: Waiving off shipping fees is another great strategy to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Stitch Labs found that offering free shipping can boost an e-commerce site's revenue by 10 percent, among other benefits.

You may also want to add a live chat option on your product pages. This way, you can figure out the reason for abandonment by talking to your customers.

Foster Trust

Customers will think twice before they spend money on your store. Below are a few ways to foster trust.

  • Add an SSL certificate: Google Chrome browser shows a prominent "Not Secure" label in the URL bar for websites that collect passwords and credit card without SSL, which is a huge turn-off for customers. You can use Let's Encrypt or another SSL authority to easily add SSL on your website.
  • Media mentions: If you're featured in a popular magazine or site, you can showcase its logo. To get featured, you might want to guest blog or go with a traditional PR method. On our website, we found that displaying the logos of some of the outlets we have been featured in had a positive impact on conversion rate.
  • Offer a guarantee: Offering some kind of guarantee to your customers is a great way to assure that your products are worth the money. We offer a 14-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee and have had dozens of customers purchase our product after inquiring about how the guarantee works.

Show Progress Indicators

To make the check out form look shorter, some marketers prefer having a multicolumn layout over a single-column layout. The assumption is that users are much more likely to get scared off with a single-column design because it looks much longer.

If you're using a lengthy form for checkout, you might want to split it into multiple pages with a progress indicator. This encourages users to fill out your form, which can boost conversions.

Publish Customer Reviews

Your visitors won't have an idea whether your product is good or bad when they first land on your site. Earn their trust by using social proof. You might want to add customer reviews to your product pages. Reach out to your loyal customers and ask them to submit product reviews.

You can also browse through your customer support tickets to feature some praise and testimonials on your site. Understanding what's wrong with your optimization strategy is crucial for your business. Test each tip and stick to those that give the best results.

Additionally, you just don't need to directly focus on boosting sales. Instead, focus on improving engagement. Ultimately, each and every action should gear up to bringing more sales and, thus, more revenue to your table in the long run.

Syed Balkhi is the co-founder of OptinMonster, a conversion rate optimization software that helps you recover abandoning website visitors and turn them into subscribers and customers.