By Evan Varsamis, entrepreneur, founder/CEO at Gadget Flow, investor and marketing advisor at Qrator Ltd.

With crowdfunding making its way to more and more countries such as Turkey and Mexico, it will be even more difficult to popularize your campaign in the near future. Kickstarter has already seen 136,313 successful projects to date and there are more to come. But getting to that success zone is not easy. While there are certain protocols you need to follow when crowdfunding your project or idea, you can always put in some extra effort to make your campaign stand out. The importance lies in how you do so. Some prefer going through the traditional style of marketing, while there are others who are always on the lookout for new strategies. Since the competition is rising, it's important to take a step forward and do something extra. Here are five methods you can follow to give your campaign that extra boost.

Go Live on Social Media Frequently

Be it on Facebook or Instagram, it's important to do a live video of your campaign prototype somewhere during the crowdfunding phase. If you can do it several times, it will only be even more advantageous for you and your campaign. You can make it more interactive by using the "Going live with someone" feature on Instagram. Make sure you promote the time and date of your live telecast on social media at least a week before for maximum participation and better outreach.

Do a Giveaway or Offer a Major Discount

It's always good to make your early bird backers feel more and more special. If possible, consider hosting a giveaway or throw a major discount for those who back your project initially. This will urge them to share your campaign within their community at the same time. You can also make it more lucrative by providing 1+1 offers or adding an accessory in the package to make fulfillment easier from your side.

Reach Out to Influencers

Think of ways to utilize this new style of marketing at its best. Reach out to people who have strong social media or blog presence and ask them to review or test your product within their community. This will help you build brand value as well as enhance the credibility of your campaign. It's like practicing traditional PR with a more social approach.

Use Services to Expand Reach

Platforms like Enventys Partners, Crowdreach, Funded Today, Launchboom and Backercamp give you that extra boost to enhance the outreach of your campaign. My company offers similar services. Whether it's a smart gadget or an everyday carry item, consider stepping out of the crowdfunding zone and try to make your presence seen in the general world of consumers. With millions of viewers in their community, these platforms take you one step further with your campaign.

Local Projects Need Offline Attention

If your campaign targets a local audience, consider the world of offline marketing, like an event announcing your project and promoting it to your local community. You can always keep a certain part of your budget or offline advertisement. Create an event on Facebook after gathering a few hundred emails from your local community through Facebook Ads. Present your product, launch a giveaway, offer exclusive deals and sneak peaks.

Combining the steps above will help you get your project funded sooner rather than later. Experiment with as many marketing channels as possible in order to figure out what works.

Evan Varsamis is an entrepreneur, founder/CEO at Gadget Flow, investor and marketing advisor at Qrator Ltd