By Ben Weinrib, Managing Partner at Eddy Pump Corporation.

Video is a great way to add value to your marketing efforts. Even short videos can provide long-lasting value if you strategically place them in areas that have the most impact on your sales and conversions. While a successful strategy is not as simple as embedding a couple of relevant videos and calling it a day, investing a little bit of time and effort could have a big payoff if your videos gain your target audience's attention. We have used video to display and show real-life applications for our industrial products, as well as how they surpass the competition by directly comparing performance.

Brand Exposure

To begin spreading brand awareness through video, first build your content channels. The top video hosting sites as of now are undoubtedly YouTube and Vimeo. Build a YouTube channel with an audience. Embed your videos across the web for additional views and exposure. The more people view your videos, the more your brand is spreading and on the minds of your potential customers. You can also incorporate brand ambassadors in the form of video testimonials to help solidify trust and satisfaction with the products or services you provide. Ensure you are educating potential customers about your business while leveraging the social aspect of marketing by trying to get your video shared for more views.

Product Information

Video can also help to explain the various benefits and features of your products and services in a visual way. A video is often the closest thing to seeing the actual product in person, so people interested in your product will naturally gravitate toward this medium to help them in their purchasing decision. Sometimes, it can be difficult to explain overly technical or complicated details through text alone. Combine video, text and photos for a truly engaging content that will capture your users' attention and focus them on the information relevant to their interests.

Telling Your Story

Build trustworthiness and credibility by telling the story of your business. Every business has a story, and many times, customers want to hear it. Stories are naturally engaging and tap into emotion. You can use this to your advantage and incorporate engaging techniques, such as making them feel as if they are a part of your inner circle or community. Using video to guide visitors through the history of your company or products can really help sell the authenticity and trust factors. Write a script, hire a voiceover professional to record the main points and then add this voiceover to your video. Taking advantage of voice narration is a big win. Through videos, you gain the opportunity to add a face to your business, giving your top leads a reason to trust you and the business.

Better Page Metrics and SEO

It's no secret that Google loves video. Adding video related to your products adds more authority to your website. Create and upload a transcript for the video, as well as pasting it into the YouTube description for bonus SEO and potential for other bloggers to share your content, asking they give credit back to your company. Include links to your social networks and always link back to your main website. Video also gives you more opportunities to earn backlinks from credible or relevant websites. Over time, with the right positive ranking signals, your website will begin to show up on the first page of Google for more and more keywords related to your products and services. This allows you to obtain relevant organic traffic to your website for free.

More Conversions

Video can also greatly help to boost conversions by offering potential buyers an intimate look at the product, possibly even answering their questions, giving them the confidence to make the purchase. Research from Google showed that "48% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies whose mobile sites or apps provide instructional video content over those who do not." To increase conversion potential, insert a lead capture form before the video begins. While this strategy will not work on all videos, it ensures you collect important data from the customer, which allows you to follow up on the sales process if they end up abandoning somewhere in the sales funnel.  

Ben Weinrib is Managing Partner at Eddy Pump Corporation and Founder at Colergo.