It's not uncommon for a working professional to have slow days or days when they lack motivation and drive to complete even the simplest of tasks. A problem arises, however, when such days happen so often that they become the norm, leaving you feeling defeated and without a sense of purpose. More often than not, feeling this way is a clear indicator of something amiss in your work or personal life or both -- which generally translates into an immediate need to make a change.

But how can you know for sure that how you're feeling is not just temporary or that a radical change is really necessary? Below, these six entrepreneurs share their own insights to help give you a list of signs that it's truly time to move on in your life.

You often feel unmotivated.

First of all, you need to figure out how often these times are occurring and if this lack of motivation is the result of not being able to find pleasure in your work, Nicole Munoz Consulting, Inc. founder and CEO Nicole Munoz believes. And if it's happening a couple of times per week or more, you should take a deeper look at what changes you may need to make.

"It might not mean changing the work environment, but maybe having it adjusted for you," Munoz explains. "See what you can work out with your human resources department before you jump ship."

You're feeling tired and restless.

"Your mood and your body can give you strong signals that you're in a funk," WPBeginner co-founder Syed Balkhi says. If it's been a while since the last time you felt light and happy and you've been feeling tired or restless for a long time, you obviously need a change, he believes.

According to Balkhi, spending time with your loved ones can be really helpful in such situations: "It's a good idea to connect with friends and family when you feel this way. Spending some good quality time socializing can make you feel better quickly."

You're feeling stuck.

One clear sign that change is necessary is if you're feeling stuck in life and dreaming of what things could be instead of being happy where you are, thinks WPForms co-founder Jared Atchison: "I used to catch myself daydreaming of starting my own business, and that was when I knew it was time for change."

The key, according to Atchison, is taking action as soon as you identify what's troubling you. "The longer you stay stuck in a rut, the worse you're going to feel as it continues. So, the sooner you deal with it, the better off you'll be," he says.

You feel frustrated.

"For me, to know whether I am in a funk or in need of an all-out change, I have to listen to my frustration," Behavioral Signals CEO Rana Gujral shares of his experience. 

He explains the difference by emphasizing that when in a funk, he is frustrated because he wants to break out of it and get back to work, while the feeling is more intense and runs deeper when a major change is required. "If I need to make a change, my frustration is about losing the joy in what I am doing while feeling stuck with no end in sight."

You don't care as much as you used to.

For many working professionals, a telltale sign of needing a significant change is no longer caring about the work they're doing and just going through the motions every day.

"When did you last have a project or idea you were eager to start working on? If it's been a while since you got that rush, it's time to make a change," Formidable Forms founder Stephanie Wells advises. "Life is about finding things you enjoy, and if you feel numb about what you want to enjoy, then it's time to switch it up."

You've lost your passion.

"You can feel it in your soul when you lose your passion," says SeedProd LLC founder John Turner, as loss of passion is often the immediate next phase after you stop caring about what you do. To determine if you've truly lost your passion, self-reflection is key. 

"Are you having a bad day, or is this something deeper? Think about your passion for the topic you're covering and determine if that love is fading," Turner recommends. "If so, you may have to readjust your schedule and find a new way to spark your passion."