After a relaxing weekend, it can be difficult to get back into a productive mindset on Monday morning. But starting the work week off by outlining big tasks and with a clear, uncluttered mindset will carry your productivity through the rest of the week.

Six entrepreneurs share the tasks that they tackle on Mondays to carve out time for a more productive week. These simple tasks only require 30 minutes of your time, and will pay dividends through Friday.

Outline the most important tasks for the coming week.

Before diving into the week of work ahead, take the time to create an organized plan. Russell Kommer, president of software development and training company eSoftware Associates Inc., spends his Monday mornings outlining and prioritizing his most important tasks.

"I create a weekly plan that outlines the most important tasks of the week segmented by day," says Kommer. "This list is then prioritized further by listing tasks on a most-to-least important basis for each day. This means the things that need to get done get done on time."

Finish up any leftover tasks.

Blair Thomas, co-founder of business loan and payment processing company First American Merchant, spends his Mondays taking care of any tasks that weren't completed by the end of the previous week.

"Mondays are relegated to cleaning up those small tasks that got left behind during last week's crunch. These are the 'not-so-important' items you push to the side when the tasks start piling up as the week goes on," he says. "Use your Mondays as a way to wrangle those tasks in and clean up the clutter so you can approach the coming week with clear vision."

Review the books.

"Cash is king in any business, and having a sense of where that cash is going is critical," says Ross Beyeler, CEO of e-commerce consultancy Growth Spark. That's why Beyeler dedicates half an hour of each Monday to reviewing the books.

"Although I have a bookkeeper and accountant to keep our records up to date, I still carve out 30 minutes to review our financial status every Monday. It gives me a chance to follow up on accounts receivable, forecast sales and evaluate project-specific budgets," he says.

Clean your desk and desktop.

It's hard to be productive when your desk is a mess. Anthony Pezzotti, co-founder of online content provider, tackles the clutter every Monday morning to clear his head for success.

"This is generally the first thing I do Monday when I step into the office. By organizing my desk, as well as my desktop, I can begin to prioritize my tasks with a much clearer vision and set the tone for the week," says Pezzotti. "This not only helps me with preparation, but it also creates a stress-free work environment for me to be as productive as possible."

Host a team cheerleading session.

"It might not seem like the most productive thing, but I always start Monday off with a cheerleading session with my team," says Elle Kaplan, founder and managing partner of asset management firm LexION Capital.

Kaplan recognizes that many people suffer from the Monday blues, so this team session tackles their lethargy head on. "It gets them amped up at a time that most of us dread, and these few minutes result in days' worth of motivation and productivity," she says. "It also allows us to get a sense of anything important that's coming up that week and prioritize accordingly."

Clear your inbox.

Robby Berthume, co-founder and CEO of agency services company Bull & Beard, takes control of the week by cleaning out his inboxes. "Since I do my weekly planning on Sunday evenings, I spend early Monday morning cleaning my inboxes. I have around a dozen accounts between email and social media."

"I use my early morning time without interruption to clear my inboxes and prioritize, organize and delegate my messages (including to myself)," he says. "It's a good feeling."