Whether you work from home, have a flexible schedule or are in business with a close friend or family member, it's easy for the lines between your personal and professional life to be blurred. It's important to keep as much separation as possible between the two so you don't end up sacrificing one for the other.

Eight entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) share their best advice for removing the stressors of personal issues when you spend so much time in the office.

1. Know what hat to wear, and when.

It is all about your state of mind. Know that whatever personal issues you have at home, you are wearing the hat as son/daughter, husband/wife, Mom/Dad. When you get to work you need to take that hat off and stay professional while in the office.--Fenella Kim, Reliance Star Payment Services

2. Put your phone away.

One thing I do to separate my personal life from my work life is try to avoid my cell phone so I'm not chatting with my friends. I use office time to disconnect from my personal world and focus on what I need to get done.--Jayna Cooke, EVENTup

3. Accept that work is part of life.

Do not avoid it. Work is part of your life. Employees sharing personal experiences creates an inviting culture and provides context for your employees to better understand each other. The worst thing to do is avoid an issue and let it fester in the dark. The key is to choose or build a company with a culture that understands and accepts this.--Peggy Shell, Creative Alignments

4. Communicate openly.

We have a policy at Optimum7 that we are all individually responsible for our personal relationships with our co-workers. That means that no matter how hard the conversation might be, it must be had. We are aware that we spend the majority of our time in the office with our co-workers and we should communicate effectively and share concerns or frustrations in a transparent environment.--Duran Inci, Optimum7

5. Find your outlet.

Our board chairman told me early on that running a rapidly growing business was going to be stressful and so was my life. He suggested I find a way to get my heart rate up almost daily as this would relieve stress and help me to focus on work at work and on my family outside of work. For me, I found rowing, but I know other people who run, bike, swim or do other high-intensity exercises.--Travis Holt, Brush Creek Partners

6. Use meditation apps.

Business can be very stressful, and you never know when you will have to put out another fire. The best way to deal with this stress is by downloading meditation apps. Set reminders to have them go off throughout your business day. Some of my favorites include Impulse App and Chakra Pro. Impulse App is great to use before shooting out an email you may later regret.--Kris Ruby, Ruby Media Group

7. Leave it at the door.

While it may seem challenging to do, you need to mentally tell yourself that nothing personal crosses that door once you are in "work mode." Once you go out the door for lunch, a break or a run, then you can pick back up with your personal issues. Talk them out with a friend, family member or trusted counselor. While at work, stay in "work mode" to serve as an example for others.--Drew Hendricks, Buttercup

8. Never juggle priorities.

Keeping your personal life and business separate is much easier when you focus on one thing at a time. If something personal arises, give it the time it deserves and take care of it, but do not try to handle both at once. If you can't work with a clear mind, excuse yourself to take care of the situation. Don't talk to your significant other while answering emails and don't text during a meeting.--Matt Wilson, Under30Experiences