A company's success is made up of its achievements, and these achievements are made possible by the hard-working team members behind the brand. So, while a simple thank you goes a long way, recognizing and rewarding your employees with team-building activities and fun perks can raise spirits even further after a win -- and pave the way for future success.

These six entrepreneurs share the fun ways in which they celebrate company victories, both big and small, by going the extra mile.

Make time for team shout-outs.

Celebrating team wins starts with recognition, but it can be difficult to notice every individual's accomplishments on a day-to-day basis if you aren't making a point of it. That's why Mark Lurie, CEO of fine art and collectibles marketplace Lofty.com, empowers his team members to regularly recognize their peers.

"After each team meeting, anyone can give a shout-out to another team member for a recent accomplishment, after which the team claps and cheers. It's a great way to ensure that everyone's achievements are recognized and celebrated by the whole company," says Lurie. "After implementing 'wins of the week,' team morale rose dramatically."

Ring a gong.

Lisa Curtis, founder and CEO of leading moringa food brand Kuli Kuli, Inc., likes the immediacy of celebrating a win as soon as it occurs to get her team pumped up. Everyone can take a moment from their everyday routine to appreciate the team's hard work as the ringing of a gong resounds through the office.

Says Curtis: "The best $15 I ever spent was on a gong that our entire company uses to celebrate wins. Now whenever there is a big or small win, someone inevitably asks, 'Is that a gong?' Our whole team gets excited to hear it ring."

Give back after a big victory.

"A great way to celebrate a milestone is to provide your employees with the opportunity to give back to their communities," says Bryce Welker, founder and CEO of CPA review site Crush the CPA exam. After all, there's nothing like company success to remind you to spread your good fortune around.

"In the past, we've worked with a local medical response team to provide free CPR training to our employees so they can become empowered with life-saving skills," he says. "Other good community outreach programs include volunteering at a homeless shelter or wildlife preserve."

End Fridays with a celebration.

After a long week, victories taste even sweeter with a cold drink in hand. Colbey Pfund, co-founder of e-liquid distributor LFNT Distribution, ends every workweek on a positive note by combining achievements and refreshments -- which leads to greater drive when the team returns on Monday.

"Every Friday we call the day early. We bring in snacks and beers, gather the team and shout out our victories for the week. It allows everyone to be proud of what they have accomplished, is a great way to wrap up the week and motivates them for the following week," he says.

Play theme music.

Benjamin Berman, EOS implementer and partner of entrepreneurial organization Optimize For Growth, harnesses a fun medium to highlight the successes of each individual employee: music. As professional athletes know, nothing pumps you up quite like a good tune.

"Every closed deal represents meaningful long-term customer value. Whenever someone makes a sale, their 'theme music' (a song of their choosing for that particular month) plays for 30 seconds or so," says Berman. "The person gets instant recognition, the team celebrates together and other salespeople get motivated to keep up. People love hearing their victory songs play."

Memorialize victories with swag.

"I love memorializing victories," says Ryan Bradley, partner at personal injury law firm Koester & Bradley, LLP. While many companies enjoy celebratory dinners and company outings to celebrate milestones, Bradley takes it a step further by sending team members home with souvenirs to remember the celebration.

"When we are successful, I like to blow off the day, rent out a venue, and eat, drink and socialize with the team. There is a catch, however: During the retreat I divide the group into teams and each team puts together a design for a shirt, bag, etc. to commemorate the day," he says. "We vote on the best design, and everybody ends up receiving some swag and a boost in morale."