By Thomas Griffin, co-founder and president of OptinMonster

Halloween is right around the corner. For many, the holiday is a fun and exciting time to dress up, pretend to be someone else and collect mountains of candy. For business owners and marketers, it’s an opportunity to reengage with consumers and create a marketing strategy that builds excitement and generates sales.

The holiday season is the perfect time to connect with your target audience and provide them with new, exciting ways to engage with your brand. According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween is a nine billion dollar annual industry.

Consumers are willing to shell out more cash for gifts, parties and festivities, which makes it the perfect time to create Halloween-themed marketing strategies.

If you want to spruce up your marketing campaigns with Halloween marketing this year, here are three ideas to try out.

1. Add themed elements to your website.

Similar to how brick-and-mortar shops decorate their storefronts to attract customers celebrating a holiday, you can do the same with your website. Adding visual holiday-related components to your website catches new visitors’ attention and encourages users to engage with your content.

It’s unnecessary to redo your entire theme and mess with your site’s coding. Not only is this costly, but it’s complicated as well. Instead, you can customize different elements of your site so it serves its purpose but doesn’t cause you a headache to get rid of when Halloween is over.

Create a spooky popup that leads users to a campaign or collects their email addresses. For new visitors especially, it’s important to get their information so you don’t lose a lead and can contact them later. Use catchy Halloween-related images and copy that entices them to become part of your brand.

Present calls to action (CTAs) that encourage visitors to take action while staying within the theme. Use vibrant contrasts between the background and CTA button so the colors don’t clash, such as a black background and orange button, for example. Write copy reminiscent of horror stories. Instead of saying, “Check out our products,” you could say, “Check out our spooky selection.”

2. Start a spooky email campaign.

Email marketing is a great way to build hype for shoppers over the holiday season. Those really into Halloween are searching for the best products, deals and offers to take advantage of. If you can present your content to this audience, you’re sure to generate sales.

Start a Halloween-themed email campaign that builds excitement for the holiday and entices subscribers to navigate to your website and purchase your products. 

Use a clean, simple design that’s easy for the eye to follow. Mobile users especially need to be able to view their emails with ease, so make sure your campaigns aren’t cluttered, messy or difficult to engage with. Break up text and extra white space with eye-catching images that evoke eerie, sinister vibes. 

Start a promotion exclusive to your email subscribers or a specific campaign that lasts throughout the Halloween season. You can use discount codes, product promotions, giveaways and other methods to garner excitement around your campaign so more people purchase from your online store. 

3. Run a Halloween-themed contest.

A great way to build buzz around your brand and drive sales around this time of year is by running a Halloween-themed contest. Everyone loves the thrill of entering a contest; even better, people love winning things for free. If you’re able to garner enough entries, it’ll boost traffic to your website and drive sales. 

Make it more interesting by having your customers submit user-generated content as a rule for the contest. This is anything your audience creates that’s related to your brand. You can use this content and display it on your website to boost your credibility and build brand awareness. Not only that, it’s a way to engage with your audience and create customer loyalty.

Market the contest as a Halloween-themed event and promote it on social media, through email, and on your website. Make sure as many people know about it as possible so you grow your following and drive conversions. Add social sharing buttons so it’s easy for users to spread the word for you and increase entries.

Over to you.

For marketers, taking advantage of the holiday season is crucial. It’s a time when consumers are willing to spend more money and are looking for new businesses to invest in. When done correctly, it can lead to a spike in leads, subscribers and sales. 

Thomas Griffin is co-founder and president of OptinMonster. He is an expert software architect with a deep knowledge of building products for the mass market.