By Nick Ponte, CEO & Co-Founder of Offline Sharks

Chatbots are helping businesses get more conversions by making it quick and painless for prospects to take the next step toward a purchase. It's also incredibly easy for a business to set up a chatbot. The hardest part of adding these round-the-clock lead generators is coming up with chatbot messages that convert.

Before you start writing your chatbot scripts, it's important to remember that the purpose of using chatbots is to filter and qualify. Well-scripted and executed chatbot campaigns will move users from chatting with the app to talking with an employee or interacting with a landing page to close the deal or make a purchase.

Why aren't your landing pages converting?

Consumers are largely used to and expecting chatbots to be available on websites as a shortcut for getting things done. On the other side of this software, businesses use chatbots to automate drip campaigns, book meetings and services, receive requests and opt in subscribers.

Today's chatbots are masters at automating the tasks that move customers through the sales funnel. When a visitor on your website or Facebook page decides to take any action designed to result in a purchase, you have a conversion.

Let's say you don't use chatbots, but you're following proven CRO tactics and best practices, and conversion rates are still dropping. You may be tempted to patch the holes in your sinking ship. Instead, get to the root of the problem by asking these questions:

  1. Are you making a first impression that encourages people to take action on your offers?
  2. Are your calls to action bold, clear and strategically placed so visitors know exactly what they should do next?
  3. Do mobile users find it easy to view, navigate and conduct transactions on your website from their small screens?
  4. Is there a clear path to making contact with your company for visitors who want more information or are ready to purchase or book an appointment?
  5. Are you relying on direct organic and paid traffic, with no plan on how to increase traffic from other sources such as social media or email marketing?
  6. Does your website take more than two seconds to load?

Chatbots won't solve all these problems, but they do help alleviate many of them. They are tools that visitors find attractive and engaging -- helping customers move through the funnel and increasing conversions.

How can you create chatbot messages that convert?

Chatbots are attractive to your customers because they mimic the flow of a simple conversation. Chatbot scripts and messages that convert must focus on discovering the logical questions and answers that ease or shorten the path of the buyer's journey.

Always circle back and ask yourself how these "chats" are enhancing the customer experience, instead of looking for direct sales through chat.

Increase conversions by following these chatbot message tips:

Customize chats for your different buyer personas.

Be clear on who your audience is and how they like to engage online. Visitors to your website can arrive from different marketing channels, and you can customize chatbot scripts depending on where your user came from. This enables you to provide a personalized experience and meet the visitor's needs faster.

Don't betray your brand.

There is a saying that you can't be all things to all people. Apply that logic here, and stay focused when creating your chatbot messages by staying true to your brand message. Your bot should have a personality that personifies your brand.

Speaking style, the words you use and the tone of the conversation should remain consistent and reflective of how you'd want a human employee to handle a visitor. Just don't do that thing where you try to trick people into thinking your bot is a real person. Nobody likes to feel like they are being tricked or that some piece of software is insulting their intelligence.

Test out different chatbot messaging.

With your brand and bot personality in place, your chatbot conversations will evolve and convert at a higher rate as you test variations of your messages and script, check the analytics and see what's working.

Maybe your chatbot could be friendlier, or you're asking people to opt in to email when they are, at this moment, ready to book an appointment. Worse yet, maybe you misread your audience and need to take out that "Game of Thrones" reference that nobody understands.

There are many ways to talk to your audience and entice them to take action, so tweak the messaging and try different conversation styles until you find the sweet spot.

Chatbots are game-changers for businesses that use them for lead generation, prospect qualification and moving customers through the funnel. Create chatbot messages that convert, and see what chatbots can automate for your business.

Nick Ponte is CEO & Co-Founder of Offline Sharks: Our mission is to help as many entrepreneurs grow from $0 in revenue to $100,000 this year.