By Thomas Griffin, co-founder and president of OptinMonster

Video is one of the most powerful tools for businesses. But, creating a B2B marketing video can be challenging. It has to be entertaining enough to capture and retain the attention of viewers, but it also has to be able to turn them into customers.

When you're spending your time, effort and money creating B2B marketing videos, they need to be effective in order to get a return on your investment. 

Here's how to create effective B2B marketing videos. 

Consider the buying stage. 

Before creating a B2B marketing video, you need to consider what stage of the buyer's journey the viewers will be in when they're watching your video: awareness, consideration or decision.

The awareness stage is when a person realizes they have a problem. The consideration stage is when that person defines their problem and does research on how they can solve it. The decision stage is when the person chooses a solution. 

Have B2B marketing videos for each of the three stages, and decide what type of content to create for each stage. For example, testimonial and case study videos are more helpful for users at the consideration stage. A video that includes testimonials can sway viewers to choose your company to solve their problem.

Determine what videos to create for each stage of the buyer's journey so that you can guide potential customers to make a purchase. 

Get to the point quickly.

While it's important to tell a story with your B2B marketing videos, it's also important to get to the point quickly. If someone clicks on your video, but 30 seconds in they're still confused about what the video is about, they'll likely give up watching.

If your business provides the best accounting software, for example, say it upfront. The users who are interested in your service will stick around to find out why your company is the best. 

Most people don't want to watch a long video, especially if they're still in the consideration process. So, stick to only including the information viewers need to know and information that provides value to them. A shorter, attention-grabbing video will be more effective than a long, drawn-out one. 

Don't leave your CTA until the end. 

Many businesses make the mistake of adding their call to action (CTA) at the very end of the video. It seems logical because you need to tell viewers what to do next, whether it's to book a demo on your website or contact your sales team.

But, not everyone will watch your video all the way through. That's why you need to include a CTA in the middle of the video. When a user is right in the middle of your video, they're the most engaged, so your CTA will be more likely to convince them to take action. 

Create videos that can be understood without sound. 

Today, many people watch online videos right from their mobile phones. Many of them do so without sound so they don't disturb others around them. You need to consider this when creating B2B marketing videos. 

For example, if your business offers the best live chat software and your B2B marketing video only shows footage of live chat agents with a voiceover behind it, some users won't understand what you're selling. Are you selling a customer support outsourcing service? Or, are you selling live chat software? Who knows? 

But, if you add captions to your video or include text overlays, viewers watching with or without sound will be able to consume your content.

Promote your video on multiple platforms. 

As a B2B business, you might think all of your potential clients are on LinkedIn. So, you only promote your video on that particular platform. While LinkedIn is a great platform for making business connections and you can find much of your target audience there, don't limit yourself.

Promote your video on multiple different platforms. Share your video on Twitter and Facebook. Upload it to YouTube, and share it in online communities like Reddit. 

In addition, instead of just sharing your stand-alone marketing video, insert it in into other content. You can add your video within blog posts, showcase it on the homepage of your website and add it to email marketing campaigns. You can even display your video at events like conferences. The more places you can share your marketing video, the more viewers you'll get. 

With these tips for how to create effective B2B marketing videos, you can not only entertain viewers, but also turn them into clients. Start implementing marketing videos into your B2B business strategy today.

Thomas Griffin is co-founder and president of OptinMonster. He is an expert software architect with a deep knowledge of building products for the mass market.