By John Turner, founder of SeedProd

Want to advertise your business on a popular podcast? You're not alone. More and more businesses are realizing that creating ads for hot podcasts is a great way to promote their business to a wide range of new people. In fact, according to the 2019 Infinite Dial Study by Edison Research, as reported by Podcast Insights, 51 percent of the U.S. population has listened to a podcast.

So, while many new consumers will hear your ad on their favorite podcast, will they actually listen? In order for your podcast ad to be effective and not ignored by listeners, it has to catch their attention and encourage them to seek out more information, visit your website and buy.

Here's how to create more engaging podcast ads for your business.

Choose the right podcast.

Just because a podcast has a lot of listeners, doesn't mean it's the right podcast to advertise your business on. In order to get the most out of your podcast ads, you want the audience to be interested in what you're offering. According to eMarketer, listeners are engaged when tuned into a podcast and usually don't mind hearing ads because podcast ads tend to be kept to a minimum and are relevant to the program's content.

It's important that your business is relevant to the podcast listeners. For instance, if your company sells a software product, a true crime podcast might not be the best fit for you. Instead, choose a podcast that has listeners that are closer to your target audience, like a tech podcast.

Take some time to listen to the podcasts you're thinking of advertising on. Most podcasts hosts will read the ads themselves. By listening to the podcast, you can get a feel for what your ad will sound like. If it seems like a good match for your brand, reach out to the podcast about advertising.

Provide a promo code or offer a giveaway.

To grab the attention of listeners, offer them something awesome. Many listeners won't make the effort to check out your website if there's not anything in it for them. That's why providing a promo code for a discount or offering a giveaway is common practice with podcasts ads. When a listener hears that they can try your product/service out at a discount, they'll be more likely to listen and take action.

Providing a custom promo code also allows you to track the amount of sales you're getting as a direct result of your podcast ad. So, a promo code for a discount or giveaway will show you just how well your podcast ads are working and drive more sales.

Keep it short and sweet, but tell a story.

Most listeners tune in to their favorite podcasts to hear an entertaining or interesting story, so don't interrupt them with a typical, boring ad. If you want your business's podcast advertisements to grab the attention of listeners and keep them engaged, instead of stating facts and listing product features -- tell a story. Tell a story about a specific situation that the listener can relate to and how your product/service can help them in that situation. This makes your podcast ad more meaningful.

But remember, keep it short and sweet. The last thing you want to do is bore listeners. Thirty seconds is plenty of time to capture the attention of listeners, tell a story and promote your business.

Give the podcast host a tour of your product.

Most podcasts will ask you to provide them with a script for your ad and the host will simply read it out. While some podcast hosts are great at reading these scripts and add plenty of enthusiasm, sometimes it still doesn't come across authentically.

So, if you really want podcast listeners to be convinced by the ad, give the podcast host a tour of your product. Allowing the host to try out your product and truly understand all of its benefits will make for a more authentic ad because the host can share their own thoughts. When listeners hear that the host they trust and listen to weekly loves a product, they'll be more likely to pay attention and give it a try, too.

If you haven't dived into the world of podcasting advertising yet, now is the time. With these tips on how to create more engaging podcast ads for your business, listeners won't daydream or skip through your ads -- you'll have their full attention.

John Turner is the founder of SeedProd, the most popular coming-soon page solution for WordPress used by over 800,000 websites.