By Samuel Thimothy, VP at

With summer in full-swing, we're met with longer days, warmer weather and a reminder that 2018 is halfway over. You may be wondering where the time has gone. I know I am. It seems like it's only been a few days since I was drafting up my 2018 goals and setting New Year's resolutions about where I wanted my business to be in the upcoming year.

Now, I'm revisiting those goals to see what I've accomplished, what I'm still missing and what changes I need to make to get back on track. And you should be doing the same!

Goal setting shouldn't be a one-time process. If you're serious about seeing your marketing and sales goals come to life, you need to consistently look at the path you're on to make sure you're moving in the right direction.

Here's how you can evaluate your marketing goals at this midway mark.

Make Sure Your Goals Still Make Sense

A lot can happen in six months. Maybe your business plan has changed completely or maybe you've already crushed the goals you've set for the year. Sometimes, the future doesn't go the way we plan. And that's OK. You just need to account for those changes.

Before you get started evaluating your goals, revisit the plan you created in the beginning of the year to make sure it still fits with your overall mission and values. Do the goals you've already set still bring you to where you're hoping to be?

If your goals no longer make sense or you've already reached them, you're not off the hook for the rest of the year. Instead, shift your plan to better fit your business needs or create a larger reach goal to work towards in the remaining months.

Measure Your Customer Happiness

When it comes to growing your agency or business, customer happiness is the most important factor to consider. It doesn't matter how many website visitors you're bringing in or how many likes you got on your most recent Facebook post if your customers and leads aren't happy with your product or service.

I measure customer happiness by looking at repeat customers and clients, as well as the reviews they're leaving about my agency. Surveys can also be a great way to measure satisfaction and get feedback.

At this midway point in the year, take some time to talk with your customers and clients. Find out what areas they're pleased with and where they might expect some improvements. Make sure to implement that feedback in the next six months.

Consider Your Return on Investment

As an entrepreneur, you probably already know you need to spend money to make money. There are very few businesses out there who can market their brand without spending a dime. However, every time you invest in marketing, you want to make that money back in sales and new customers. If you're simply throwing your budget to the wind and hoping something sticks, you're probably not going to reach your goals.

Take a look at how much you're spending on marketing, lead generation and converting customers. Then consider how much each customer or client is actually spending. If your investment is higher than your return, you'll need to make a change.

Shift your marketing plan to strengthen your return on investment (ROI). Take a look at the marketing methods that truly work for your leads and clients and focus your energy there. You'll have stronger returns without wasting your hard earned cash.

Moving Into the End of 2018

It doesn't seem possible that we're already approaching the final months of 2018 -- but here we are. If you're not on your way to accomplishing this year's marketing goals, you still have time to shift your strategy to start seeing better results. However, you want to act quickly. The year will be over before you know it.

Don't waste any more time with marketing and sales strategies that just aren't working. Refine your goals, listen to your audience, and focus on your ROI to ensure that your marketing goals are met by the time 2019 comes around.  

Samuel Thimothy is the VP at, an inbound marketing agency and co-founded, the digital marketing intelligence platform.