By John Turner, founder of SeedProd

A time of growth is always exciting for a new company; your hard work is paying off, you’re finally gaining traction and it seems like the sky’s the limit regarding your company success. But as your company expands, it can be a stressful time as well. After all, you need to start the time-consuming hiring process in order to keep up with this exciting momentum.

Remember, though, it’s not just about hiring the best new staff for your expanding business. It’s also about keeping the staff you have happy during this period of change. So, how do you add to your team in a way that not only works for you as a business owner but is comfortable and enjoyable for your valuable, existing staff members?

Provide continuing education to your current staff and promote within.

An important part of expanding your company is ensuring your current staff grows with you. You’ve got star employees who helped get your business to where it is today -- you can’t leave them in the dust. According to LinkedIn, the No. 1 reason people change jobs is because of a career opportunity. So, it’s essential to give your current staff the opportunity to grow with your company.

Provide continuing education to your current staff so they can boost their skills and renew their passions. Sign them up for online courses, take them to conferences and workshops, and spend time mentoring them one on one. Remember to promote from within, too. Don’t hire for a position that one of your current employees can excel at. They’ll resent you and you’ll waste time training someone from scratch when your current employees are already up to speed.

Get referrals from your top talent.

The first place you might think to turn when growing your team is to online job boards. But before you go there, go to your staff. Companies can expand their talent pool ten-fold by recruiting through their employees’ networks. Not having to wade through all those job applications saves you time and headaches.

Before I dive into the world wide web to find new hires, I always ask my staff if they know anyone who would be perfect for the position. Getting referrals from your current staff will lessen your chances of hiring the wrong person because they typically only recommend the best. Plus, by hiring referrals, you can build a great, trusting relationship between yourself and your employees.

Create an effective onboarding process.

The next step is to create an effective onboarding process. An established onboarding process will help your existing staff members navigate the undertaking of bringing on new hires while setting your new employees up for success. In fact, as reported by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), new employees who went through a structured onboarding program were 58 percent more likely to be with the organization after three years.

So, create an onboarding process and corresponding documents for new hires. An effective onboarding process should include:

  • Basic legal information, company rules and regulations.
  • A clear definition of the role and expectations.
  • An introduction to company culture and organizational norms.
  • Resources to help employees establish relationships with coworkers.
  • A process for training, overview of first week of tasks to complete, etc.

If there is anything else that you think will help your new hire succeed in your company, add it to your onboarding process. You can also poll your current employees to see if they have any feedback on what should be included.

Keep your company culture intact.

Before starting to expand, you’ve probably established a strong startup company culture. Your company culture is who you are; it’s important to keep that intact as your company expands.

So, how do you keep your company culture strong during a period of growth? First, hire new employees not just based on their skills, but based on how well they fit with your team. Second, put your company values front and center, like in your onboarding process and other company documentation, for instance. It’s important to maintain little company traditions as you grow, too. This will help you keep the company spirit that you had at the start alive.

With these tips on how to grow your staff as your company expands, you can keep everything you loved about your small, close-knit company -- while still enjoying the new perks that come with a growing business.

John Turner is the founder of SeedProd, the most popular coming-soon page solution for WordPress used by over 800,000 websites.