By Jared Atchison, the co-founder of WPForms

Content marketing costs much less than traditional marketing and often produces more results. That's why so many companies have realized the importance of creating content. If you want to create content on your website that will increase your traffic and engage your audience, you're going to need to learn how to make your content stand out.

We have grown our business through content marketing. By researching specific keywords, we're able to attract our target market to our site and ultimately increase sales. In this article, I'm going to share some of the tips that have worked for us to help your content stand out through the noise.

Research Keywords

In order for your content to be optimized for search engines, you'll need to do keyword research. Keywords are basically anything your target audience is searching for on the web. Think about what type of Google searches your target audience would make in relation to your business. For example, "How do I design my own website?" Find high-volume and low-competition keywords and write in-depth content answering your target market's question.

Using the right keywords can boost your page ranking and more of your target audience will be able to find you and your content. You can use a free tool like Yoast to help with SEO for your blog posts.

Add a Table of Contents to Your Blog Posts

If you've created a long, detailed guide for your blog, you don't want to risk your readers getting bored or lost. If they aren't able to easily find the information they're looking for, they might end up abandoning your post. Create a table of contents for your blog posts so you can highlight all of the important sections of your post and readers can jump to the sections they are most interested in.

There are many WordPress plugins that allow you to easily add a table of contents to your blog posts. This can also improve your SEO because having a table of contents can help Google better understand the content on your pages.

Come Up With a Catchy Title

The title is one of the first things people will notice when they see your content, so creating your title should never be an afterthought. A great blog post will never get read if you haven't taken the time to come up with a catchy title that makes people to want to click and read more.

List headlines are always a safe bet. "How-tos" and "guides" also tend to perform pretty well. But if you want to get a little more creative with your title, you can use a free tool like CoSchedule's headline analyzer to brainstorm new headline ideas.

Repurpose Your Content

We all have preferences on how we like to consume our content. Some people prefer reading, others prefer watching videos. Repurposing your content will allow you to reach new audience members who might have previously passed on your blog post because they prefer watching videos.   

Repurposing your content can save you time by allowing you to stretch your content further and you can also repurpose old content that didn't perform well. If you come up with a great blog post, you can quickly repurpose it into a video using a tool like Lumen5.

Use Amazing Photos

Humans are visual creatures, that's why it's important to use amazing photos in your content that will grab the attention of your target audience. You can purchase some stunning stock photos or search the web for sites that offer copyright-free photography. Don't forget to optimize your images for SEO as well by descriptively naming your images and optimizing your alt attributes.

Overall, you want to offer your audience content that is valuable and engaging. Now that you have some tips to make your content stand out from the crowd, go out and create content that people will love. If you craft your content with your target audience in mind and use some of these strategies to get noticed, your views will soon skyrocket.  

Jared Atchison is the co-founder of WPForms, a drag & drop form builder for WordPress that's being used on over 400,000 websites.