By Fan Bi, CEO of Blank Label.

Usually, you're spending more money to get that first click on an advertisement than you will at any other point in the marketing process. Once you've secured that opportunity, don't let it fizzle away. At my company, we've followed a simple process to ensure that we get the most value possible from our initial ad clicks.

Use Browser Cookies on Your Website and Take Advantage of Social Media Ads

One of the best and least expensive ways of profiting from your advertising is to utilize browser cookies for every website visitor you have. A browser cookie is a tag placed on the specific browser on your device so it knows that you've visited. It's your trail around the internet. Even if your ad gets someone to your page to begin with, it's unlikely that they're going to complete the buying process in a single visit, which is truer the more complex and expensive your product is.

For us, we're trying to drive conversion for a multihundred-dollar purchase. So we know we need to point website visitors to different content pieces to show the value. Browser cookies allow us to keep track of our visitors and retarget them through additional search and social media ads. Make sure you share your browser cookies across all of the big digital platforms: Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can't be sure which platforms your prospects frequent and how they engage with them, so you need to cast a wide net at this stage in order to have the best chance at finding qualified leads.

Direct Visitors to Landing Pages That Create Value for the User

If you want your ad campaign to pay off, you have to make sure that your landing pages are effective. This means they need to be coded properly, structured in a way that makes sense for the user's journey, and above all, they must provide unique value.

Pair the content of your landing pages with the lead's stage in the sales funnel. If they're still gathering baseline information about your offering, direct them to a piece that offers a comparison of various features. If they're closer to pulling the trigger, you can illuminate some advanced methods for using the product and include detailed customer testimonials so that they have an idea of what life with the product will actually be like. Something that we've found works well is an explainer video. We know from our analytics that when someone watches a video, they're more likely to convert.

Ask for Emails the Right Way

In addition to driving value for the reader, your content-based landing pages also have a lot of heavy lifting to do when it comes to soliciting email subscriptions. Your main call-to-action should always be positioned at the end of the content so that the visitor can make an informed decision after digesting it and evaluating its contribution.

However, placing an unobtrusive fixed subscribe link on your top menu bar is also a great idea, so that they can quickly access it at any time during their visit. You can also offer the user access to special content as an extra incentive to subscribe.

Reward Your Lead's Faith by Creating Great Email Marketing Content

The final step in maximizing your digital ad ROI comes with your email drip marketing content. Even if, up to this point, your cookies have been well placed, your ads have been appropriately targeted and your landing pages have been compelling, you have to create additional value through your email marketing outreach in order to encourage conversions.

At Blank Label, we do this by providing advice on how different outfits can be worn for different occasions, how different fabrics create more warmth or cooling and the easiest way to get sized for a comfortable fit. Viewers have placed their faith in you, so don't squander the opportunity now.

Create pieces that crackle with specific purpose instead of just flooding their inbox because you can. Include direct calls to action that will help guide the direction of the relationship, and always give them a simple path to unsubscribe if they are disengaged. We've found that the ability to re-engage first-time visitors and move their journey down the funnel with different landing pages and email education has been able to dramatically decrease our customer acquisition cost.  

Fan Bi is the CEO of Blank Label, an award-winning custom menswear brand.