By Chris Christoff, co-founder of MonsterInsights

In the past 50 years alone, humans have consumed more resources than in all previous history, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. It's difficult to perceive just how much this actually is, but to do such a colossal amount of damage in such little time is a clear sign that we must act now if we're going to save the earth

There are many things you and your employees can do collectively to ensure that you're saving energy and resources when you don't need them. By making it a group effort and adopting an encouraging, positive attitude, it's much easier to feel dedicated to taking extra steps to conserve resources and go the extra mile.

Let's look at different ways you can save resources within the workplace to do your part toward saving the planet.

Turn off unnecessary lighting.

A majority of people work during the day when there's plenty of natural light available. Instead of turning on every artificial light in the office, take advantage of sunlight. Open all the blinds and sit near windows where you can see without obstruction. If a light doesn't need to be on, leave it off. Only turn on lights in rooms where it's too dark or where you're currently occupying space. There's no need for the conference room or kitchen lights to be on if no one is using those areas.

Be mindful of how you're wasting energy. Think about it this way: You're likely spending more money on electricity than you need to be, so use that as motivation to keep unnecessary lighting off. Going green will save you money in the long run.

Choose laptops.

If you're a new business or work remotely, you have the opportunity to choose eco-friendly options that benefit the planet and make your workplace more sustainable. A good way to do so is by choosing to use laptops over desktops. Laptops use less energy as they don't need to be connected to a power source 24/7, whereas desktops require constant use of energy to run.

The size of the monitor also affects how much energy is being used. Although developers and web designers might need a bigger screen -- and multiple ones at that -- to complete their work tasks, this isn't necessary for most other employees. If you don't absolutely need a big monitor or a desktop, opt for a laptop instead.

Go paperless.

Even in 2019, too much paper is being consumed. The State of the Global Paper Industry reports that paper use continues to increase and recently surpassed 400 million tons used per year. With the world already adopting mostly digital practices, there are few excuses you can make for your business to still use large amounts of paper products. 

Nowadays, few businesses rely on physical books to document their endeavors and grow their brands. Instead, they use apps and online resources to document their processes. These apps are built to make managing your business easier and eliminate the need for you to sift through tons of paper. If your business is still primarily using paper, it's time to shift to a paperless strategy and adopt digital practices instead. 

Give employees refillable water bottles.

In 2015, the annual production of plastic pollution reached an astonishing 381 million tons, roughly the equivalent of two-thirds of the world's population. As a business owner, it's ultimately up to you to decide how eco-friendly your company is, as well as your employees. Constantly using plastic water bottles and paper cups to drink water five days a week adds up in plastic and paper products that will potentially end up in a landfill. 

Commit part of your budget to buying reusable water bottles for your employees. This will drastically reduce the amount of waste produced in the office and encourage your team members to adopt eco-friendly practices. By adding your company logo to the water bottle, you're also getting free advertising every time you or your employees use it outside of the workplace. It's a win-win for everyone.

Over to you.

The planet is rapidly deteriorating due to overpopulation, pollution and wasted resources. If you're a business owner, it's up to you to take steps to ensure your company is adopting safe practices. There is too much destruction of resources occurring and it simply cannot be ignored. How will you make your workplace more eco-friendly?

Chris Christoff is the co-founder of MonsterInsights, the leading WordPress plugin for Google Analytics.