Dillon Kivo, founder and CEO of Kivo Media Group.

We all want to be successful at what we do, whether we are teachers with big hearts, college kids with big goals or dreamers with big visions. Unfortunately, only a handful of us succeeds in the end, and here's why: We don't really know the truth about success. With a million sources of half-truth information online posted by marketers whose end goal is just to get clicks to their headlines, it's hard to ascertain what is true and what is false.

In this article, I have outlined the three major facts about success that you should know as an entrepreneur.

1. Success Is Learning to Face Your Fears Head-On

Achieving success is not about being in the right industry or having a high IQ. Instead, one of the most important routes to success is facing your fears and taking bold risks.

Most people fail because they don't have the bold and fearless mindset to ignite their passion and kick-start their dreams. What usually happens instead is that a young individual will come up with an idea and then brush it off as "too big to materialize," or they "don't have the money" to carve a product out of that idea or they "don't have the connections" to make it happen.

They just make excuses that drain their motivation and reinforce their fear of starting. In reality, success is about facing that fear; it's about having the guts to breathe life into your crazy idea.

It's also about working hard to make it happen.

2. Success Is Hard Work (With No Shortcuts)

You may face your fears and start running that company, that position or that program. You will have given yourself a good start. The big question, however, is whether you have the energy and the willpower to do the work necessary to transport yourself to a successful destination.

Because let's face it, success is about completing a series of smaller tasks on a daily basis, tasks that slowly but surely lead you to accomplish your bigger goals and vision. That's why hard work is essential to your success. It will help you to show up every day, resisting daily annoyances and getting things done the right way, with no shortcuts.

You have to be willing to bravely show up every day.

3. Success Is Bravery in Action

All successful people are brave people.

They are the people who have the bravery to dream about "The Everything Store," a dream store that sells everything human beings can think of -- sodas, soaps, sausages -- a dream as big and vast as the Amazon River.

They are the people who have the confidence and the guts to come up with the idea of building a "third place" between home and office -- a chilling hub that soothes the mind with hot coffee and provides amazing experiences we can't live without.

They are the people who have the courage to envision an imaginary land for children to play, relax and be entertained.

They actually work hard to realize their visions.

These are all brave dreams. Just reading them can be scary, and hearing about them is crazy, but that's the foundation of success. Successful entrepreneurs, visionaries and icons were scared at first when they come up with their ideas.

They were laughed at when they presented their thoughts to the world, but they remained persistent, patiently working to turn their wildest dreams into reality.

Dillon Kivo is the Founder and CEO of Kivo Media Group. He is an internet entrepreneur who has played an integral roll in helping thought leaders, millionaires, and major corporations bridge the gap between their brands and online consumers.