The multicultural market is booming. By 2043, people who identify as black, Hispanic, or Asian-American will make up the majority of the U.S. population. Multicultural consumers are driving trends in every industry in America, and forward-thinking companies are looking beyond the U.S. to international markets.

As you recruit, you should be shaping your team into a melting pot of talents, opinions, and cultures to meet the evolving demands of the marketplace and remain relevant.

International talent can help your business flourish by dramatically expanding the scope of your ideas and perspectives, connecting you with clients across the globe, and helping you stand out from the competition. But how do you gain access to that precious international talent?

Here are three recruitment tricks:

  1. Network in person and online. You can't count on a diverse pool of talent to come beating down your door. You need to actively engage with your potential recruits by attending networking events and job fairs, using your social media channels to publicize openings, and advertising on international job sites.
  1. Enlist the help of friends. You'd be surprised by how many recruitment opportunities can result from simply telling your friends and colleagues what you're looking for. Maybe you have a Spanish-speaking friend who knows a whole network of smart professionals back in Spain--one of whom works in your industry and is looking for a great company like yours.
  1. Reach out to universities. Chances are that colleges in your area have plenty of talented international students who will be looking for jobs after graduation. As a first step, try recruiting for internships. Many of my company's most valuable additions started out as interns, and this is a great low-risk way to see whether potential hires are a good fit for your team.

How to Nurture Your Melting Pot

It's not enough to hire a diverse group of talented individuals, though. You have to work to maintain a collaborative environment that's a rich fusion of different cultures. Here are a few ways to keep your international family happy:

  1. Invite new hires to lunch on day one. As soon as you recruit new team members, make an effort to get to know them, their culture, and their quirks so you can make them a part of your work family. A great way to foster close relationships from the start is to take your new hires out to lunch on their first day and hold company-wide social events so new recruits can meet their co-workers.
  1. Celebrate different holidays. At my company, we pay homage to our diverse roots as often as we can. For example, we love celebrating the national holidays of the different countries that are represented on our team. From Diwali to Ukrainian Christmas, we decorate the office, enjoy traditional food, and learn something new about our teammates.This practice is easy to emulate in your company. Just set up a calendar outlining when and how each culture will be celebrated, and make sure everyone who wants to participate is included.
  1. Create your own traditions. Just as you should celebrate the diversity of your team, you should also create your own unique company culture based around your shared values. Bonding activities, company retreats, and quirky traditions are great opportunities to come together as a family. Once a year, I take my entire team to the Caribbean, but you can choose any location to bring your company together, share jokes, and make new memories.

Celebrating your team's rich cultural backgrounds isn't just fun--it can also help you connect with a broader range of consumers. By widening your recruitment efforts to attract diverse talent and celebrating your employees' roots, you can build a team that's perfectly positioned to connect with multicultural consumers.

Published on: Sep 1, 2014
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