As the fourth most populous city in America, Houston is home to many companies on this year's Inc. 5000. Boasting a home-field advantage with such industries as health care and energy, Houston is poised for an even bigger small business scene in the years to come.

Should you consider Houston for your upcoming launch? For some guidance, here's our list of the top 10 fastest-growing companies in the area: 

10. Worldwide Power Products

The tenth fastest-growing Houston-based company is also number 910 on the Inc. 5000. It distributes power generation equipment to consumers in the nautical, industrial and petroleum industries throughout America, Asia and Europe. Headed by CEO Will Perry, it boasts a three-year growth rate of 493 percent.

9. Noah Consulting

Founded in 2008 and headed by CEO John Ruddy, Noah Consulting provides information management services to companies in oil and gas, retail, trading, and natural resources. It's number 891 on this year's Inc. 5000, with a three-year growth rate of 502 percent.

8. Security America Mortgage

Making its debut appearance on the Inc. 5000, this company provides a wide range of mortgage loans to consumers. Led by CEO Garrett Puckett, it's also among the top financial services companies on the list. It's ranked at number 734, with a three-year growth rate of 624 percent. 

7. Cradle Solution

Led by CEO Alex Akintayo, Cradle Solution develops SaaS for the home health-care industry, and provides consulting and training for oil and gas companies. It makes its second appearance on the Inc. 5000 this year, ranking number 721 with a three-year growth rate of 629 percent.

6. Chief Outsiders

Aptly named, the seventh fastest-growing Houston-based company provides management and consulting services to owners and CEOs of mid-sized businesses, with a special focus on growth and marketing strategy. Headed by CEO Art Saxby, it's added 14 jobs in the last three years, with a growth rate of 863 percent.

5. Cimation

Founded in 2009, Cimation automates processes and develops IT systems for clients in the oil, gas and energy industries. Headed by CEO Jonathan Klein, it clocks in at number 517 on this year's Inc. 5000, with a three-year growth rate of 911 percent. It's on the larger side of Houston small business, with 213 total employees. 

4. Team Trident

Headed by Rod Long, the fourth fastest-growing company in Houston provides oil and gas technicians--trained by the US military--for both direct hire and contract positions. This is the third time the company has appeared on the Inc. 5000, presently ranked at number 372. 

3. Southern Green Builders

This construction company is number 284 on the Inc. 5000 and the third fastest-growing company in Houston. Led by CEO Sam Seidel, it works to build Craftsman-style homes that also incorporate modern efficiencies. With only seven total employees, Southern Green promises "sustainable innovation," with homes that you can count on being more than just sticks and bricks. Its model is certainly effective: The company's three-year growth rate is 1,610 percent.

2. EPI Engineering

With the goal of reducing energy consumption, this business--number 263 on the Inc. 5000--provides a range of engineering services. With only 15 employees total, EPI boasts an impressive 1,751 percent growth rate. It ranks number two on Inc.'s Top Engineering Companies in America, headed by CEO Edward Willman.

1. PPT Fiberglass

The fastest-growing company in Houston makes its first appearance on the Inc. 5000 as number 239. Led by CEO Justin Parker, PPT produces fiber-reinforced plastics and fiberglass grating, which it sells to different industries including waste water treatment, oil, gas, and construction companies. Founded in 2010, its three-year growth rate is a whopping 1,983 percent.

The biggest city in an even bigger state, Houston is definitely a location to watch in the ever-growing world of entrepreneurship. 

Corrections and amplifications: An earlier version of this article misstated the first name of Worldwide Power Products' CEO, Will Perry.