As millions of viewers tuned in to last night's Super Bowl to watch the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers (24-10), the commercials were another hot topic of conversation.

Unlike previous years, when puppies and children were a common theme, this year's ads were thematically mixed and received less attention than usual, according to newly released data from TiVo. The analytics branch of the real-time video recording company assessed a sample of 30,000 anonymous households to determine audience retention. It measured the percentage of the audience watching Super Bowl ads in "play" speed last night.

Among the most popular commercials of last night's matchup were mainstays like Budweiser and Doritos, and one surprising tech startup:

1. Doritos: "Ultrasound"

The snack company's multi-million dollar bet on humor paid off again this year. The ad, in which a soon-to-be-born fetus decides to speed things along for a bag of chips, ranked No. 1 in views.

2.  Mountain Dew: "PuppyMonkeyBaby"

As last year's data suggests, brands capitalize well when incorporating cuteness--and potentially freak out audiences. Mountain Dew's first in-game slot in more than 15 years features a creature that is a mix of a puppy, a monkey and a baby. Shortly after airing, the commercial solicited the social media hashtag #PuppyMonkeyBaby.

3. Taco Bell: "Bigger Than Everything" 

The fast-food giant's 2016 ad features a Quesalupa taco with pepper jack cheese in the shell, which characters agree is "bigger" than major advents like virtual reality or self-driving cars. It was big with Super Bowl viewers, too, ranking as No. 3.

4. Buick: "The Convertible's a Buick"

The most popular car commercial of Super Bowl 50 was Buick's, featuring celebrity football player Odell Beckham Jr. and supermodel Emily Ratajkowski. 

5. Pepsi: "The Joy of Dance" 

Unsurprisingly, the soft drink maker and regular Super Bowl advertiser won big last night for its 2016 commercial, "The Joy of Dance." The ad features musician Janelle Monae, who travels through three musical eras to arrive in the present day with a cola. 

6. Marmot: "Fall In Love With the Outside"

This entrepreneurial brand, and first-time Super Bowl advertiser, showed a cute-as-can-be animatronic squirrel who goes camping with a Marmot-clad human. Unfortunately, at least one critic said the ad has homophobic undertones, insofar as the Marmot rejects the human's kiss, insisting, "I'm not that kind of marmot."

7. "MovingOnUp" 

Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum won over audiences again in the futuristic ad for The commercial also gives a hat tip to George Washington and rap artist Lil Wayne.

8.  Bud Light: "Raise One to Right Now"

The beer brand had a star-studded cast for its 2016 ad, including actors Amy Schumer, Seth Rogan, and Paul Rudd. The ad parodies the political race, introducing a new party--helmed by Schumer and Rogan--which stands for Bud Light as the great American equalizer.

9.  Skittles: "The Portrait" 

The snack company's 2016 ad also played on celebrity humor. It features musician Steven Tyler, goading his Skittles portrait to sing higher--and subsequently shatter itself.

10.  Toyota Prius -- "Prius 4"

The car manufacturer's ad features four stars from HBO's The Wire robbing a bank, and then stealing a Prius for their great escape. It has garnered some negative responses across social media, including for parallels to the televised O.J. Simpson trial from 1994.