Life on the road is notoriously hard, but the future of travel technology is bright. As the Wall Street Journal reports, four techies were brought on board an American Airline flight on Saturday to pitch their products to first-class and business-class passengers. Here are 3 of those apps that could improve your travel experience.  

1. Furry Flyers 

If you're traveling with a pet, this app lets you know if it escapes its kennel in the cargo hold. It also monitors the pet's heart rate and hydration levels to determine whether or not it's in distress. 

2. InFlight Social

This keeps track of your social media connections while en route, identifying potential Facebook friends and overlapping LinkedIn connections.

3. Proximity Signage

This connects your smartphone to various airport signs to produce customized information, for example, which gate your flight is departing from or where the nearest Starbucks can be found.  

4. UsTwo

This allows someone to "follow" you while you're traveling, for example your business partner or a loved one. The follower would have access to food and drink menus to pre-order food for you, and will be alerted when you reach certain checkpoints, such as TSA security or the flight gate. 

Sound interesting? What other travel apps would you like to see in the future? Let us know with a comment below. 

Published on: Jul 17, 2014