If the onus is on you to prepare and host Thanksgiving dinner, your stress levels might be reaching new heights. Luckily, dozens of startups have made iPhone and Android apps to help you keep up with every stage of the process: Fetching guests, choosing recipes, setting timers -- even resolving that inevitable argument with Uncle Wayne.

Here's a list of apps to download ahead of time:

1. Pinterest

The scrapbooking website and app, which boasts an impressive $11 billion valuation, is a bevy of inspiration for cooks. Browse through recipes, like how to make a green bean caserole from scratch, as well as potential decorum or table settings, which you can pin to your virtual board. (Free download on iOS and Android)

2. Jelly

Logistical questions? Plug those questions into AskJelly.com, the human-powered search engine recently launched by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. The website and app will anonymously circulate your question to a network of users, who return answers when they feel they can speak to them. Some practical examples: How early do I need to arrive at the airport, if I'm leaving from J.F.K. on Delta Airlines at 1:35 P.M. (ET)? Do I need to get a Thanksgiving gift for grandma? What should I get? (Free download on iOS)

3. Vivino

Most adults can agree that a great wine vastly improves Thanksgiving dinner (perhaps in more ways than one). Still, how do you know what pairs well with Aunt Marilyn's gravy recipe? The Vivino app is, in effect, like a digital sommelier. Take a photo of a wine label with your smartphone, and the app will automatically aggregate reviews and suggested food pairings. It can also suggest wines based on your taste, budget, and menu, and locate the nearest liquor store. (Free download on iOS and Android)

4. HeadsUp

While guests are waiting for the turkey to bake, have them download the game "Heads Up!" on their smartphones. The app serves up cards that you place on your forehead, and you're then tasked with guessing that card based on others' clues. (Download for $0.99 on iOS and Android.)

5. Roundom

The random-decision-making app will help you to resolve those inevitable family conflicts. Roundom comes in different formats, including a set of dice, a Magic 8-Ball, and a spinner that you can customize with words, e.g.: "Uncle Bobby's place settings" or "Aunt Sharon's pumpkin pie." (Free download on iOS and Android)

6. Timeglass Timer

At this point, you probably already know how to set a timer on your smartphone, but this app lets you run multiple timers at once. Chefs can keep track of the turkey, cranberry sauce, Yorkshire pudding and apple pie simultaneously. (Free download on iOS and Android)

7. Thanksgiving for iMessage

This app, from developer Tecsoft, serves up calligraphy-based stickers in fall colors. Make your Thanksgiving texts more festive with a virtual turkey, or a "Be kind" tagline. (Download for $0.99 on iOS)