It's not terribly surprising that Alphabet is a desirable company to work for, but you may be intrigued by another prized employer: Uber.

It's been a rough 2017 for the ride-sharing service, but new data shows that workers are flocking to the company nonetheless. Uber was recently ranked the No. 5 most sought-after employer, coming up just behind Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, and Salesforce.

In a new study out Thursday, the 2017 Top Companies list, LinkedIn highlighted 50 employers that job seekers most want to work for, according to an analysis of the social networking giant's more than 500 million users. To create the list, LinkedIn factored in job applications, company engagement, and worker retention rates. (It did not consider itself--or its parent company, Microsoft.)

Uber has come under fire in recent months, as it faces allegations of sexism and sexual harassment, as well as a lawsuit levied by Alphabet's self-driving car unit, Waymo. The company claims that an Uber engineer, Anthony Levandowski, stole classified information from Waymo before going on to launch his own startup, Otto, which Uber ultimately acquired. What's more, co-founder and chief executive Travis Kalanick recently admitted to needing leadership help, when video footage emerged of him berating an Uber driver. The company has said it is currently seeking a second-in-command to help Kalanick run Uber.

Even so, unique job applications at Uber nearly doubled in February from the previous year, the LinkedIn study found. Here's a closer look at the top seven companies--which all hail from the tech sector:

1. Alphabet

Number of global employees: 72,000

2. Amazon

Number of global employees: 341,400

3. Facebook

Number of global employees: 17,000

4. Salesforce

Number of global employees: 25,000

5. Uber

Number of global employees: 12,000

6. Tesla

Number of global employees: 30,000

7. Apple

Number of global employees: 110,000