Where can you get a good helping of drama, intrigue, and brand lessons from a seasoned business expert? On House of DVF, of course, the new reality TV series which aired in early November on E!.

The series depicts Diane von Furstenberg's quest for a Global Brand Ambassador, who would travel the world and also, ideally, connect with a younger generation. Though the show is only five episodes in, there's already plenty for viewers to sink their teeth into.

In addition to the anticipated tears and travails of twenty-something contestants, House of DVF also features  pearls of wisdom from the entrepreneur herself. These moments set the series apart from its niche competitors, such as American's Next Top Model, offering solid advice for business owners in any industry.

Ranging from topics such as confidence to co-workers and professional composure--and delivered, as always, with her characteristic bluntness--here are some of von Furstenberg's best quotes from the show's inaugural episodes:

"When I was young, I didn't want to be taken advantage of. As I get more confident and less insecure, I realize that you have to stand for who you are." --von Furstenberg counsels one of the competitors, who appears to be cracking under the pressure. 

She continues: "It's important--especially in the fashion industry--to actually forget about the people you're working with. Just get the job done." 

"I still have the feeling that you [Kier] are the bitch of the group. I really feel you don't have to be a bitch to be successful. Being a bitch is always bad. It can never be good." --von Furstenberg advises one of the more caustic contestants, Kier, to watch her attitude. Acting the "bitch," she says, likely stems from insecurity, which you should try to "remove like a splinter."

"You have to not be...delusional," she warns another.

In one episode, the girls are charged with presenting DVF's new styles to the press. The fashion mogul gets right to the point: "If you panic and you don't know what to do, go and hide yourself. Because here, we are working right now." --von Furstenberg had already expressed her concern with having the contestants represent her brand in public.

Stay tuned for more from House of DVF, and find out which of the remaining contestants will nab the coveted position of Global Brand Ambassador. 

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