If you want to inspire the next generation of workers--and attract them to your company--new research shows that nothing works like a rock-solid mission statement.

Millennials think the best leaders possess an overarching "sense of purpose," according to a study released on Wednesday from consulting and accountancy firm Deloitte.

Of the 7,800 millennials surveyed across 29 countries worldwide, six in 10 respondents cited a company's driving purpose--including its commitment to employee well-being, as well as its contribution to the local community--as key factor for taking a job. As far as individual leaders go, Gen Y places the most value on qualities such as: strategic thinking, ability to inspire, interpersonal skills, vision, passion, and decisiveness, the study found. 

Still, millennials aren't terribly satisfied with how today's leaders are stacking up, says Deloitte. Overall, they perceive employers as being more inwardly focused on professional growth, rather than on individuals. Bad news for the Don Drapers of the world. 

See what else millennials value in Deloitte's infographic below: 

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