Astronauts on Elon Musk's rocket ships will sport immaculate white pressure suits en route to space--with the U.S. flag emblazoned on their shoulder pads.

On Wednesday, the lauded SpaceX founder posted the first photo of his company's spacesuit on Instagram, teasing more details in the days to come. Musk insisted that the picture is of an actual suit--not a mockup--and that the garment has been tested under double-vacuum pressure.

Although Musk didn't include details, the picture reveals a pressure suit, which is meant to be worn inside a spacecraft--in case the environment depressurizes--as opposed to outside.

Unlike competitor Boeing, which outsourced the development of its spacesuits to the David Clark Company, SpaceX suits are being designed and manufactured in-house. The move allows the company to have greater control over its supply chain and potentially save on costs down the line.

Musk pointed out that it's "incredibly hard to balance aesthetics [sic] and function," and the suit is very much in Silicon Valley vogue: a tight fit with black accents on white, which led one follower to comment, "Sexy AF!" and another to say, "The Lord Elon Musk." This reporter can personally imagine Matt Damon blasting away in the getup.