Halloween may be scary for revelers, but for those in the costume and candy business, it's the happiest season of all.

With costumes inspired by Disney's smash hit Frozen and the reemergence of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles predicted to drive plenty of foot traffic, this year is expected to deliver an even bigger bounty to retailers. 

More than 162 million people are expected to celebrate the ghoulish holiday, up from 158 million celebrants in 2013, according to the National Retail Federation, which partnered with Prosper Insights and Analytics to survey more than 6,000 consumers in September. The study also finds that nearly half of celebrants will do their Halloween shopping online, and that one-third began shopping even before October.

Of course, it helps that the holiday happens to fall on a Friday this year, and economic signs have been pointing up lately. 

So how many jujubes (and cavities) will kids collect this upcoming holiday? Here's America's third-favorite holiday by the numbers:


Expected to celebrate: 162 million

Adults expected to dress up: 75 million

Percentage of celebrants expected to buy costumes: 67.4 percent

Expected to throw or attend Halloween parties: 54 million

Will visit a haunted house: 33 million

Consumer Spending

Total consumer spending: $7.4 billion

Average amount of money spent per person: $77.52

Total costume spending: $2.8 billion

Kid costume spending: $1.1 billion

Adult costume spending: $1.4 billion

Pet costume spending: $350 million

Total candy spending: $2.2 billion

Total decoration spending: $2 billion 


Percentage of celebrants looking to pop culture for inspiration: 16% 

Most Popular Kid Costumes, by number of expected wearers:

  1. Princess: 3.4 million
  2. Animal: 3 million
  3. Spiderman: 2.6 million
  4. Frozen character: 2.6 million

Most Popular Adult Costumes, by number of expected wearers:

  1. Witch: 4.8 million
  2. Animal: 2.6 million
  3. Batman: 2 million
  4. Pirate: 1.8 million

Most Popular Pet Costume, by percent dressed: 

  1. Pumpkin: 10.8 percent

Feeling inspired yet? For more information, visit the NRF's Halloween Headquarters, and pick up a pumpkinstein for your doorstep today.