Welcome to the 150th episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, hosted by Inc. editor James Ledbetter.

This week, staff writer Zoë Henry discusses the business of 'bombogenesis,' the scientific name for the superstorm that pummeled the Northeast this week. As gusts of 40 and 50 mph wind dumped inches of snow and sleet on coastal cities, companies that manufacture plows, blowers and salt spreaders prepared for a much-needed sales boost. Meanwhile, at least one snow removal service expects to see as much as $100,000 in net revenue per day from the storm.

Then, Inc.'s executive director of editorial Jon Fine delves into the rise and fall of GoPro, the subject of a winter issue feature. Fine explores how founder Nick Woodman, at 42, has become a more seasoned executive, after being forced to fire a quarter of his staff in March 2017 thanks to an ill-advised pivot to media.

Finally, for our executive interview segment, the group interviews Austin McChord, founder of the small business data recovery firm Datto. McChord explains what it was like to sell Datto to Vista Equity Partners in October of last year.

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